Get your kitchen lighting right with Advanced Remodeling!


Get Your Kitchen Lighting Right With Advanced Remodeling!

Kitchen lighting is an important aspect of design. It helps with daily tasks and sets the mood. If there is not enough light in your kitchen, you will spend a lot of time groping for objects in the dark drawers. Cleaning will also be a problem because you simply will not see all the dust. And a dark kitchen is a gloomy, unwelcoming place where you do not want to spend a lot of time. In many households, a kitchen is a place for social gatherings like family reunions and holiday celebrations. A well-lit kitchen is a must-have for these occasions.

When you plan your kitchen renovation, you need to think of many details and nuances. It is easy to omit something and only find it out when the renovation is complete. Also, there might be modern solutions and fixtures which you did not include in your plan because you simply did not know about them. ADU Builders California can help you create a perfect design for your kitchen, taking into consideration state-of-the-art lighting ideas and technology.

Kitchen Lighting Importance

Get Your Kitchen Lighting Right With Advanced Remodeling!

Before installing the lighting fixtures, think about how you use your kitchen. What kind of light do you need? Where do you need the brightest source of light? Where will you stand or walk, and where will the shadows appear?

People use their kitchens for various purposes:

  • Food preparation
  • Eating
  • Socializing
  • Rest and entertainment
  • Keeping beautiful things

Let us talk in more detail about each activity and what type of lighting suits it.

Food preparation

Cooking is the first and the most important task people do in their kitchens. When you plan the lighting for your kitchen, think about the process of cooking. Ask yourself where you need the most light. Apparently, the spot around your fridge does not require a lot of light because the fridge itself emits bright light when you open its door. The countertops, on the other hand, should be well-lit. One of the things you do there is cut food with a sharp knife. You should be able to see very well what you are doing.


If there is a dinner table in your kitchen, it is necessary to place a source of light directly above it. You prepared amazing food — you will enjoy it more if you see it. A well-lit table is also important for food arrangement. You will impress your guests even more with the help of strategically placed lighting fixtures.


People often use the kitchen just to spend time together. What is more convenient than talking to friends with all the food and beverages close at hand? Consider where your guests will sit and light up the space so that you can see everybody. Avoid having beams of light directed at someone’s face. A light bulb must not produce glare and hurt people’s eyes. Think of ways to diffuse the light or install dimmers to soften the brightness.

Rest and entertainment

A kitchen could be a room where you have a sofa and a TV. Some people like to watch films in a dark room to create a cinema effect. However, it is a good idea to keep a dim light on to save your vision. A person who likes reading will need a lamp directed at their book in the evening. And for parties, you might want to install fixtures that glow with different colors.

Keeping beautiful things

Some people like to display their collection of beautiful things. Whether it is a painting, a vase, or a fine chain set, it will be more visible if there is a source of light directed at it. Do not overdo this if you want your kitchen to look like a living space, not like a museum.

Layers of kitchen lighting

Get Your Kitchen Lighting Right With Advanced Remodeling!

A single source of light has only one benefit: it is a simple, unimaginative solution that does not require too much money or creativity. However, one pendant lamp hanging from the ceiling has a lot of downsides: it produces shadows, creates uneven lighting, and looks boring.

Designers recommend a three-layered approach to light a kitchen. By creating layers, you can avoid shadows, glare, and other risks of having only one type of light in your kitchen.

Here are three layers you should incorporate into your kitchen design:

  1. Ambient lighting. This layer creates a general light that evenly fills the kitchen. It is usually rather soft and gentle. You can achieve this effect by using pendant lamps that hang from the ceiling. Another option is to place fixtures onto the roof of the cupboards or into the false ceiling.
  1. Task light. This type of light is bright and more focused. It is directed at work surfaces such as countertops or kitchen islands. This light helps to see the areas of the kitchen where you perform specific tasks, such as cutting or cooking. If you only have a chandelier in the middle of the kitchen, you will cast a shadow on the countertop. By installing task lights, you will avoid shadows and improve your experience of cooking. Another idea is to put fixtures inside the cabinets or drawers. Using LED strips is a good solution for this type of lighting.
  1. Accent lighting. You need this layer for objects that you need to see well. If there is a beautiful part of décor in your kitchen or an expensive vase you want to show off, install a fixture that will cast a beam of light on it. This way, you will attract the attention of your visitors to these showpieces.

Professionals from ADU Builders California can create a perfect system of layered lighting for kitchens of any size and shape. We recommend consulting our experts to work out the best lighting solution for your kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting cost-saving tips

Get Your Kitchen Lighting Right With Advanced Remodeling!

Carrying out a well-thought lighting plan can be rather pricey, but redesigning parts you did not like will cost you even more. There are certain things you can do to save your budget.

  • Dimmers and switches

All the lighting layers should have separate switches. You may only need a task light for cooking or ambient light to grab a drink. Dimmers are a good energy-saving solution that will allow you to save on bills. Instead of working in full mode, the bulbs will produce only the necessary amount of light.

  • Neutral lighting options

Pick a bright color for your lighting only if it is absolutely your favorite. Think realistically. How often are you going to need a color other than white? Even the most amazing design can get boring. In the best-case scenario, you will stop noticing it. But it may start to annoy you, and you will have to redecorate your kitchen. Another solution is to provide an option to choose the color of your lighting. In this case, you can turn on the blue or red fixtures when you need to create a mood and your white lamps on usual days.

  • ADU Builders California Pros are there for you

Even though paying a designer will cost you some money, in the end, you will have a perfectly lit kitchen. An expert will think through all the aspects of lighting and find the best solution for your individual case. This will also help you avoid fixing mistakes, which could otherwise cost you even more.

ADU Builders California recruits only professionals, so using our services will save you time and effort. A team of experts can help you create an ideal lighting plan and bring it to life. The cost of Remodeling can vary and depends on the design, but the kitchen of your dreams is a good value for money. Contact us for any additional questions.