Kitchen Remodeling Guide


It is not an overstatement to say that a kitchen is the most popular place in every house. This should come as no surprise because this is the space where you cook, take food, watch TV, receive your guests, have a rest drinking coffee, and sometimes use it even as the working area.

Consequently, a significant amount of your and your family's time is spent in your kitchen; that is why it must be comfortable, homelike, functional, and comply with all the modern requirements and trends.

Why Consider Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

As you spend most of your home-time in your kitchen, nothing should make it comfortless and unhomely.  It is this very area of your home where each small thing, every single detail, should be in its place. The furniture must be ergonomic, the countertops must be in good condition, the dishes must be convenient and unbreakable, the overall kitchen design must have an attractive aesthetic appearance and be size-conscious. Only in this case will your kitchen become a real place of power for you and your family in your daily life.

If the above-mentioned can not be related to your kitchen and you don't feel comfortable and calm being inside this zone of your house, or your kitchen layout even irritates you, perhaps the time is now to think over the implementation of some significant transformations which are urgently required to be performed to the most attended area of your home.

Reading this precise kitchen remodeling trendy guide, you will be able to find answers to numerous important questions, as well as many useful tips related to the kitchen, remodel, and renovation processes:

  • Why is it necessary to have your kitchen space remodeled?
  • What to start with when planning your kitchen remodel or renovation processes?
  • What budget-consuming mistakes can you make while performing your kitchen remodels or renovation?
  • What is the role of a contractor in the process of the kitchen remodel/ renovation?
  • What is the main difference between kitchen remodel and renovation?
  • How to reduce the costs of your kitchen remodel or renovation?

This list of the kitchen space remodels problems is far from being complete. Their decisions, as well as other numerous pieces of useful information you can find in the following kitchen remodel trendy review.

The Benefits of Kitchen Improvement

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

As time moves on, everything becomes outdated. The kitchen is not an exclusion. The decoration or design that was modern and stylish, for instance, 10 years ago, today does not look as excellent as it used to. The new technologies applied for appliances, cabinetry, lighting, and other materials production have developed, and the out-of-date trends have been changed by the brand-new ones.

As a result, your kitchen design and its functionality do not satisfy all your needs and do not make you happy about your house anymore because it becomes uncomfortable. If you are familiar with this feeling, it is the right time to have your kitchen remodeled or at least renovated.

Speaking about the kitchen remodeling or renovation process, it is very important to understand that this room must be functional, smart, and meet your household needs because it combines as rule qualities and functions of various rooms.

Usually, a standard kitchen includes the cooking zone, which must contain only the necessary, convenient, and modern details and appliances to make the process of cooking fast and easy. Everything must be in the right place; you don't have to exercise any difficulties to find and use any kitchen accessories. Everything must be easily accessible. As to the dining zone, it should be cozy for all the members of your family because you gather here at least two-three times a day and even more often during the days off.

Special attention should be paid to the up-to-date lighting and storage solutions, comfortable furniture, wall paint using brand-new materials widely represented in the repair and construction US market. One should not also forget about the flooring that must be easily washable and solid.

All the above-mentioned significantly influences the general kitchen design, its comfort, and convenience and results in your feeling of happiness and homelike atmosphere when spending your in-home time.

Kitchen Remodeling to Boost Your Living Conditions

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

As we have already outlined, the kitchen is a special room in every house, and your homelike atmosphere and comfort feeling directly depend on its layout, as well as what it is equipped with, whether it is functional and smart enough or not. Moreover, your kitchen condition influences the overall atmosphere of your residence. The kitchen can influence your in-home aura both in a positive way and vice versa it can destroy the overall look of your home.

Below we will figure out the basic improvements that positively affect your kitchen condition as well as the entire atmosphere of your house:

1) Optimization of Space

Having transformed your kitchen layout you can make it more size-conscious, convenient, smart, and functional. As a result of such a remodeling activity, you have an opportunity to obtain much more space due to nothing but the proper space planning. You will see that it is not necessary to acquire additional square meters somehow to make your kitchen area look spacious and light.

Perhaps you have ever witnessed such situations at your friends' or relatives' homes when their kitchen area had impressive footage and yet, seemed to be cramped and overloaded with a mass of unnecessary and out-of-place appliances, kitchen gadgets, cabinets, and furniture. When finding yourself in such residences, you are likely to have the only desire to escape and come up for air.

Whereas, on the contrary, there exist such moderate-sized kitchens, smartly arranged, where every insignificant detail has its place, where it is possible to breathe with comfort. Such kitchens seem to have enough space; they are light, cozy, and homelike and cause the desire to return to those homes again and again. The point is that their homeowners pay much attention to the place where they spend a lot of time to enjoy convenience, order, and beauty.

An interesting fact is that most modern kitchen designers today use a so-called work triangle representing a special formula that is widely used in the kitchen space arrangement. The work triangle is an ideal line drawn from the center of the kitchen sink to the center of the stove burner and then to the refrigerator. Such a scheme has been worked out by the National Kitchen and Bath Association and represents the most optimal location of the three main constituents of every kitchen (a fridge, a stove, and a sink).

2) Replacement of Outdated Elements

Replacement of the old, outdated furnishing, cabinet hardware, countertops, and appliances by the new ones is the other reason why your kitchen requires some changes to be implemented. Of course, as time moves on, everything becomes obsolete, outdated, and requires to be replaced with something modern, up-to-date, and more functional. The kitchen is not an exclusion. Besides, the degree of deterioration of kitchen appliances and accessories is high as compared to those used in any other room of your house. It is obvious as we spend a significant amount of time there and use all the kitchen accessories, appliances, and cabinets several times a day.

Sometimes you simply desire to perform some interior changes without any essential reason. Your existing furnishing and household accessories are still in comparatively apparent good order and condition, and yet, you are keen to introduce some transformations to the most popular room of your house, freshen it a little up. In this case, the furniture replacement can be appropriate too.

3) Old Plumbing and Lighting Change

Sometimes your kitchen furnishing and appliances remain in comparatively satisfactory condition and may stay unreplaced. And yet, your kitchen requires serious transformations of the plumbing system or some electrical works should be performed. It is not surprising. As with the other kitchen household appliances, plumbing equipment and fixtures tend to deteriorate fast, whereas lighting systems may require updated modern energy-saving solutions to be applied.

If at least one point from the three above-mentioned ones is related to you, if reading this information you start thinking that perhaps it is the time to perform your kitchen renovation or remodel to transform it into your dream kitchen, it makes sense to learn the next paragraphs of our extended kitchen remodeling guide.

Kitchen Remodel or Kitchen Renovation?

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

According to the experts dealing with home and kitchen remodeling, the success of your kitchen remodels (as well as the remodel of any area of your house) 75 percent depend on proper planning and other related preparatory work, whereas only 25 percent accrues to the project implementation itself. Planning, analysis, and estimation are the main constituents influencing the success of your kitchen remodeling project.

The overall process of your kitchen remodels depends on how you make out the design project, how you plan your budget, and make the precise calculation and cost estimate. If you don't pay enough attention and care to the planning and calculation procedures, everything will go wrong, resulting in unexpected additional costs waste of time spent on an unnecessary kitchen remodel activities and work.

The proper and accurate planning will help you save money, time (we all know that time is money too), and effort.

Planning as Key Activity in Kitchen Remodels

Of course, before starting to take any steps to your kitchen transformation, you should realize what exact changes are required to be implemented, kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation. These two very close notions are very often confused. No doubt, they have much in common, and both mean some changes or updates. The difference lies in the volume and the character of the work performed for these two processes' implementation.

The kitchen renovation represents some slight and insignificant changes implementation. As a rule, it implies the replacement of some elements, appliances, furniture, flooring, and decorations. Sometimes, wall painting is required. It is synonymous to repair. Usually, such replacements can be carried out all by yourself because no significant engineering, electrical, or plumbing works are required. If they are necessary, we start speaking about the second notion, i.e., the kitchen remodel.

The kitchen remodel is a complicated and multi-staged process implying not only the above-mentioned changes but also going deeper. Along with everything mentioned, the kitchen remodel also includes a reconfiguration of the kitchen space to reach layout optimization, replacement of all the cabinets, flooring, plumbing and electrical systems, etc.  As you can see, the volume of the work is wider and more labor-consuming, which in most cases have to be performed with the help of the hired specialists.

It is only up to you to choose any of these two options when planning your kitchen transformation.

How to Handle Remodel Projects?

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

  1. Outlining Budget is the Starting Point

Well, now, when you learned about the difference between renovation and remodeling when you found out if your kitchen requires any changes or not, the time is now to get to know the general stages of any kitchen remodels or renovation.

Kitchen remodels, in most cases, do not differ from getting a completely new kitchen. The process is time, money, and effort-consuming, but the result can make you happy within many years; that is why you should be careful and precise in every insignificant (at first sight) detail. Speaking about the remodeling process, there are no small things. As it is said, a little leak will sink a great ship.

Before you start moving towards your future brand-new kitchen, you have to realize how much money you have at your disposal for the kitchen remodel or renovation. What kind of transformations will you be able to implement, what kitchen accessories, furniture, and countertops can you afford to fit your budget. If you lack the amount necessary to pay for the whole process, you are likely to think over a credit option, as well as whether you can pay it off in the future or not, and everything should remain unchanged up to a certain time.

If you decide what amount of money you can spend on your kitchen remodel you can go on learning our kitchen remodeling guide and move further with us towards your dream kitchen project implementation.

  1. Carrying Out Analysis 

Now, when you have a clear idea of your budget, you can attentively make research of your existing kitchen area and analyze what you like most of all and would like to keep unchanged and what you are disappointed at.

You have to answer the following questions:

  • What is not useful and not necessary anymore?
  • What colors, textures, and materials would you like to see in the future when spending time inside your kitchen?
  • What bothers you most and prevents you from feeling happy and homelike when you are in your kitchen?

Having answered the following questions, you will find out what exactly must be performed for your kitchen to be changed. Make out a list including two columns; in the first one, you will enumerate everything you want to get rid of, and another one will be implied for you to point out what exactly elements, details, and decorations you would like to remain unchanged.

Make out your wish list of what is necessary to be purchased following the column of the things and elements required. Find your inspiration looking through numerous sites devoted to interior solutions issues magazines demonstrating dozens of variants of the ideal modern kitchen design.

  1. Calculations and Cost Estimation

This stage follows the planning and making out your wishlist of transformations to be carried out. When you know what budget you have at your disposal and keep in mind your future dream kitchen appearance, it is the right time to carry out approximate calculations.

You should create a sheet of paper and enumerate categories of costs which in general look as follows:

  • Removal of the old furniture and appliances (perhaps, you will have to hire furniture transportation services). Maybe (if your furniture and appliances are in comparatively good condition) you can save your funds on this item and find people who could take your furniture for free or for some small remuneration. In this case, you will get rid of the necessity to organize the process of disposal of the unnecessaries by yourself.
  • Removal of the old materials (wall paint chips, obsolete flooring, or tiles) and demolition of the obsolete, unnecessary structures if needed. Perhaps, you won't need to change your floor or tile, thereby reducing your costs.
  • Hiring the designer to work out your future kitchen project design (in case of significant remodel implying reconfiguration of your kitchen layout.
  • Hiring workers to implement your kitchen transformations. In some cases, if you can perform some sort of work by yourself (for instance, painting the walls), you can save your funds a little bit.
  • Purchase of the materials and decoration items (of course, everything depends on your budget). Today the US market of repair materials offers a wide range of construction and decoration materials fitting every taste and budget. Everyone can find good solutions in frames of his or her price range.
  • Purchase of furnishing, cabinets, countertops, cabinets hardware, plumbing fixtures, lighting systems, electrical equipment, electrical gadgets, decoration accessories, etc.

This list will help you calculate the approximate budget required for the performance of your kitchen room remodel. Nevertheless, it is an ordinary situation when some unexpected things that you have not considered before and have not included in the cost estimate list occur. Be ready to keep in reserve an amount intended to cover such unplanned costs which may arise in the process of your kitchen remodel (as a rule, it amounts to 10-15% of your total remodels budget).

Kitchen Remodeling Check-List

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

  1. Working out the Design Project

In case of some slight renovations, this step can be dismissed because, in this case, no significant transformations of the kitchen space are not implied.

Speaking about the remodeling process, you are likely to have a necessity to hire a designer who will be able to work out your kitchen design project. Otherwise, you will be at risk of getting a functionless, comfortless, badly-organized space for your new kitchen.

The more precise piece of information concerning the common frequent mistakes in the kitchen remodels process is given below, in the special paragraph.

  1. High-Quality Materials Purchase

One of the most important stages when performing remodel work is looking for high-quality finishing and decoration materials. When you carry out your kitchen renovations, you are likely to count on its long-lasting performance, at least up to 10-15 years. Not to find yourself in an unpleasant situation when you have to perform any repair work in a one-two-year period passed after your kitchen remodels, you should carefully choose the suppliers of the decoration and construction materials.

If, for example, you buy a piece of moderate-price furniture, and it fails to serve you within the planned period, its replacement will not represent a large-scale and budget-wasting problem for you. But if your walls paint cracks 2-3 years after the remodels, or the countertop split, or the door of one of the customized cabinets requires replacement, it can significantly bother and upset you.

How to save your budget in the process of your kitchen room remodel read below in the special section devoted to the useful saving-budget-tips.

  1. Hiring Team of Workers

Well, we have come down to the process of the kitchen room remodel implementation itself. When everything has been planned, calculated, and purchased we have to hire remodeling experts or a team of workers to perform the work, including demolition of all the unnecessary elements, structures, and details and installation of the new equipment.

Hiring a team of remodeling specialists, you should be careful, preliminary reading the customers' reviews if any, or using your friends' or relatives' recommendations. Using services of not reliable workers you can lose time, money and as a result, be unsatisfied with their work.

We strongly recommend you hire a contractor who can undertake all the abovementioned scope of work and guarantee you an excellent result according to the contract signed.

Unexpected Costs of Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

Kitchen renovation is a complicated and effort-consuming process, as you have already been convinced, requiring strict planning and calculations which should be ideally carried out by the experts. And yet, most of us, again and again, do the same mistakes losing money.

Let us review them:

  • Wasted materials purchased as the result of inaccurate calculations. You buy more details and materials than is required, and thereby become unused, and, as a result, you lose your money.
  • Desire to replace and change everything. Above, we have already written about a detailed analysis of your kitchen space. It is not necessary to replace everything. A lot of details and structures can remain and serve you another 10 years.
  • Wrong choice of the kitchen appliances and equipment which do not fit the existing furniture and cabinets. As a result, you have to exchange these pieces for other ones and again lose the money you have to pay for the double transportation that could be avoided if you had been a little bit more attentive and accurate.
  • Pests and mold routine maintenance. It especially concerns the old houses (older than 20-25 years old). An ideal variant is to have regular prophylaxis to prevent your home and the kitchen from such unpleasant things. The neglected treatment can result in consequent significant costs connected with works helping to spruce your kitchen up.
  • Changing your mind in the process of a kitchen remodel implementation. Again, if you do not spend enough time and effort on the planning procedure, when you have not completely decided what exactly you want to see as a result of your kitchen remodel activity, you are at risk to tear around constantly. You doubt whether these or those materials and cabinets are chosen correctly, or perhaps it makes sense to change them until they are used. Whether this wall paint is good enough or it is worth buying another one, etc.

Such useless and destructive activity will never lead you to excellent results, and you will never be fully satisfied with the final kitchen design. And if you consequently don't fall in love with your new remodeled kitchen, what for was your large-scaled renovations or remodel performed at all?

What Makes Kitchen Remodeling Expensive?

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

The kitchen layout is the most important issue requiring careful and precise planning because it differs from any other room in everyone's house. As has been already mentioned, it represents a multifunctional living area and combines properties of some rooms. Here you cook, eat, drink coffee, discuss something with your family, you can also use a part of your kitchen as your small home office (especially actual today when remote jobs are popular).

It is a well-known fact that the kitchens (alongside sanitary conveniences) are the most expensive areas of the house in terms of renovations or remodeling. The point is, that unlike a bedroom or a playroom, a kitchen space requires numerous functional details to be implemented.

These details and elements are as follows:

  • A significant amount of cabinet items (to organize storage, cooking, washing), have to be customized as a rule according to your kitchen size and its general layout, including cabinet hardware. In very rare situations ready-made solutions can fit you
  • Plumbing system and fixtures
  • A countertop or more used for various purposes
  • Tile or ceramic veneers
  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Finishing materials such as wall paint
  • Lighting systems and full scope of the electrical facilities (which is of great importance in the living area where you and your family spend most of your in-home time)
  • Plenty of kitchen appliances and gadgets, such as refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher, a six-burner Viking range, for example, and many others
  • A large amount of small but necessary details, such as electrical outlets, tumbler switches, a ground fault circuit interrupter, etc.
  • A ventilation system. It is impossible to imagine a modern and smart kitchen without it.

Besides the purchase of numerous top-of-the-line materials and kitchen items, you have to hire designers and workers to install everything required.

The most expensive parts

When we found out why the kitchen is the most pricey for remodeling as compared to any other living space of any house, it would be reasonable to determine what is the most expensive part of the kitchen layout. What exactly requires the most amount of the budget to be spent on its implementation?

Never save your budget on good-quality electric appliances, such as a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a dishwasher machine, a stove, etc. These constantly used gadgets will serve you over a long period, even up to 10 or 15 years.

It is not worth also saving on countertops. Once you install them, you can use them over the years. Try to choose the models made of wear-resisting materials, such as wood, marble, stone, etc.

Tips on Saving Your Budget

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

Even having a significant amount of funds at your disposal, you can save a part of it using our pieces of advice. Saving money is a sound idea, and the saved amount can be spent on some useful things or at least on renovations of some other room in your house.

These money-saving life hacks are as follows:

  • Reface existing cabinets instead of buying new ones. It is a good idea only if the condition of your kitchen cabinetry is satisfactory and does not require its total replacement. In this case, resurfacing will be in place
  • Add the new kitchen hardware to the existing items of cabinets and furniture
  • Transform the old table into a kitchen island instead of ordering a customized new one which can cost a pretty penny
  • Try to find some pieces of pre-owned furniture or appliances. Today it is a common practice when people sell their pre-owned things which are still in good condition. They prefer to sell them for some moderate price than keep them over the years without using them until they become obsolete and unnecessary for anyone. In your turn, you can think over what unnecessary furniture or accessories that do not fit you anymore you can sell. Conscious consumption is a popular trend today, which you can benefit from.
  • Look for some special offers and discounts for the furniture, standard cabinets, or materials.
  • Make use of your existing kitchen layout at maximum. Your contractor or the designer can help you decide what you may remain unchanged and significantly save your budget.
  • Mixing top-of-the-line materials and appliances with moderate-price elements and details. For instance, electrical gadgets, a countertop, plumbing fixtures can not be cheap to serve you over the years, whereas chairs or the kitchen sofa can be less expensive.

Remember that you should not save on electrical works and plumbing systems. Without their excellent, constant, and reliable functioning, your kitchen remodel can become useless, constantly delivering you troubles and making you bear additional costs connected with the regular repair works of these critical systems of your kitchen.

Consider Hiring a Contractor

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

As you have already understood, the process of your kitchen remodel organized all by yourself can be long, exhausting, and budget-consuming. Besides, when you have to plan everything yourself, you may not notice some mistakes you make. If you miss even a small and insignificant (at first sight) detail, it will inevitably result in unexpected additional costs.

Of course, using a trustworthy contractor's help for your kitchen remodel implementation costs some money. And yet, in return, you get a reward. In reality, hiring a contractor significantly saves your budget. Below we will tell you what exactly the kitchen remodeling contractor does to prevent you from the waste of your precious time, effort, nerves, and money in the process of your kitchen renovations.

Kitchen Remodel Contractor to Save Money and Time

In this section, we are going to ultimately prove to you that hiring a contractor for your kitchen remodel is time and budget-saving, and the remuneration for the contractor's job is nothing as compared to the contingent losses you are likely to bear in case of trying to organize all the process all by yourself.

Let us imagine that you started organizing everything by yourself. Above, you can read the precise information concerning the steps to implement your kitchen remodel project.

They are as follows:

  • Planning the budget
  • Working out the design project considering the presupposed budget
  • Cost estimate of the total project (considering the approximate amount of unexpected costs which can happen sometimes)
  • Purchase of all the materials, appliances, and decoration accessories under the budget and the scope of works planned
  • The kitchen remodels or the renovation itself using the assistance of the experienced and reliable team of workers who can perform their high-quality work on time.

To carry out this scope of preparatory and remodel work, you should be an expert in at least two areas of activity or knowledge. For example, you should be good at economy or finances and construction to understand the remodel processes to know about the problems and minefields which are likely to occur in the complicated remodel or renovation process. Without anticipating them, you should not be surprised when unexpected unpleasant additional costs occur.

Perhaps, you have ever met such homeowners who have been involved in the remodeling process for years. They constantly live in the neverending repair process and seem to have already gotten accustomed to it. Are you sure that you want to find yourself in such a situation? We don't think so!

The contractor dealing with construction and remodeling can prevent you from such unpleasant situations when you lose money, effort, nerves but still are far from getting a satisfactory result.

It will undertake all the work, offering you the best and most reasonable solutions to fit your budget and satisfy you and your family members.

Main Mistakes to Avoid in Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

If you introduce any updates to your kitchen space all by yourself, you are likely to make at least one of the typical mistakes mentioned below. Take them into account because if they are made in the process of the remodels work, they can lead to your total disappointment by the overall result of your new kitchen design.

These mistakes are as follows:

  • Waste of space. If, as a result of your kitchen's updated layout, you have to make numerous steps from your cooking area to the refrigerator or from the sink to the place where you cook, such a situation will start irritating you quite soon. Try to optimize your kitchen space by observing the work triangle formula, which implies convenient footage between the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove to save you time while cooking and washing dishes.
  • Closely-spaced kitchen islands. As a result, you will be constantly bumped into them as well as the other kitchen appliances, such as sink, countertops, fridge, etc.
  • The size of the household electrical appliances does not fit the size of your kitchen area. Before purchasing the new kitchen appliances, you should carefully measure your kitchen area and figure out what minimum or maximum permissible dimensions the appliances can have to be at their place.
  • Overloading a small kitchen space is a frequent problem that can not be solved without expert assistance. How to place everything necessary in the comparatively limited space? The solution to this problem requires special expertise.

If you are not sure how to cope with your kitchen remodels without making one of the abovementioned mistakes, you have to think about contacting a reliable and trustworthy contractor to obtain its assistance.

ADU Builders California

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

ADU Builders California company is one of the leaders of the construction and remodels market of California. We operate in numerous areas, such as Sacramento, Davis, Folsom, Rocklin, El Dorado Hills, Fair Oak, and many others
(see the full list on our site). Having excellent expertise and many years of experience, we have already helped hundreds of homeowners obtain their dream homes.

Contacting us, you can get a wide range of services, starting from your implied costs estimate and working out the design project of any complexity degree and ending with the turnkey construction or remodels project implementation.

Visit our official site, learn our significant portfolio of the implemented projects, read numerous customers reviews and testimonials, get inspired by our large photo gallery, and if the idea of your kitchen remodels is constantly on your mind, the time is now to call us and visit one of our numerous operating offices or order an online consultation!

Ongoing Trends in Kitchen Design

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

Within the last seasons, the laconic kitchen design and minimalism dominates as the main kitchen layout trend. This minimalistic style is expressed by the absence of the clearly-defined stylistic limits in the design. The strict adherence to any style is not important anymore that grants the designers' entire freedom of their kitchen remodel and renovation activities. The stylistic boundaries have already been totally erased.

Uniqueness and originality of the kitchen interior layout move to the forefront. And it is in our interests. Because such interior design trends give us the full freedom of fantasy and expression. We can easily mix, for instance, a contemporary style with some traditional classical elements in our kitchen remodel projects, or the expensive appliances with the moderate-price items, or even pre-used things which will not result in an overall cheap appearance of your future kitchen. In a word, you can create almost everything that your imagination and inspiration suggest.

What does the typical kitchen look like nowadays?

  • Open space is one of the most popular trends prevailing within the last many years. The living room is combined with the kitchen room representing a comparatively large kitchen zone without any precise boundary, thereby providing a lot of space. Such a solution can significantly reduce your budget because it does not require the purchase of costly timber doors. The abundance of various open shelves can also be at the place.
  • Use of multi-layered kitchen cabinets. Such a smart solution significantly saves your kitchen space. The cabinets represent some layers of the kitchen cupboards and shelves for storage.
  • Ecology trends in kitchen design and remodel. It is true that eco-trends have not given up their positions within the last seasons and are likely to reign in the future. These kitchen design trends imply, for example, rattan furniture, large windows, the abundance of natural lighting, simple lighting fixtures, which do not overload your kitchen space and enable you to feel and breathe freely.
  • Natural ecological materials are widely used for kitchens designed in eco-style too. Wood, marble, stone, concrete. Simple and clean colors, white, black, gray, brown. They are easily combined and look neutral and stylish.
  • Smart gadgets and electrical appliances are operated through a smartphone, kitchen hood, refrigerator with a wine chiller cabinet inside are rather popular nowadays and widely used for the modern kitchen design
  • Numerous green domestic plants located on the open shelves are also trendy and reflect the ecological concept of the kitchen design
  • A countertop or any other surface made of marble or wood deserves special attention because it is constantly used and must be top of the line as its operational life is implied to be long-term.
  • A brand-new smart system touch-to-open speaks for itself. It prevents you from the purchase of numerous cabinets, fittings, and hardware because to get access to your cabinet doors; you only have to touch them slightly. Besides, such technological solutions prevent your kitchen area from creating an effect of overloading.

What About Marble Countertops?

Marble deserves a separate topic because this material will always be contemporary, whatever style you have been committed to. The marble texture created by nature itself has unique aesthetics and multipurposeness. It can be
widely used as a floor covering as well as in the design of a countertop or an island.

In a word, ecological style is a style of future which less-than-prompt will go out of style. It is conditioned by the growing cities and people's desire thereby to be closer to nature, at the least in terms of planning their living space.

If you like to implement this or any other style into your existing kitchen room, you are welcome to contact ADU Builders California, and our experienced professionals will help you to bring to life all your bold ideas!

Kitchen Remodeling Guide Takeaway

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

Summing up, we can finally conclude that the kitchen space is the most popular and frequently used room in any house. That is why it should be paid special attention to.

There exist two main types of kitchen space transformations, renovation and remodels. Speaking about the first variant, you are likely to cope with it yourself, whereas another one requires a serious approach and accurate planning and calculations; otherwise, you can be disappointed by the results.

If you're up for the second variant, don't hesitate to contact our ADU Builders California company in Sacramento as well as other areas of California. We are always ready to help you bring your inspiration into life, saving your material and mental resources.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What is the approximate cost of a kitchen remodels project in California?

Of course, the average price of the kitchen remodel, or renovation depends on numerous factors. Among them is the area of the room the be remodeled, the character of renovations and the degree of transformations to be implemented, as well as what decoration materials, furniture, and appliances you are planning to use, to what style of your dream kitchen should be related to (either a minimalism or something including numerous decoration solutions and brand new equipment). According to our long-term experience, the average price of a kitchen remodel in California can vary from 30 up to 100 thousand US dollars and even more (depending on your financial opportunities and desires). In any case, it would be sound to contact your potential kitchen remodel contractor and ask for the cost estimate.

What is the average cost of a kitchen renovation and remodel project in the city of Sacramento?

The kitchen remodel or renovation costs depend on your budget planned and your expectations and opportunities. For instance, if your kitchen area requires an insignificant interior refreshment, implying the furniture change or the walls paint, it is one story. However, if your kitchen requires significant transformations, including the new space configuration, the change of all the cabinets, storage systems, flooring, and plumbing system replacement, it is another piece of cake. The area of the kitchen to be remodeled should also be taken into account. No one can forecast the costs required for your kitchen remodeling without looking at it. And yet, in general, the price range for kitchen remodels in the Sacramento area amounts to 12000-45000 US dollars.

Why hire a kitchen remodel contractor in Sacramento?

Your kitchen space remodels process is very complicated and multi-staged. Planning it, you should take into account and envisage a million things. Every unforeseen detail can hurt the remodeling activities and cause unplanned waste of your budget. It is impossible to plan everything by yourself, make all the precise calculations, make out a cost estimate list, create a project design, find a reliable team of workers to install all the equipment cabinets and perform all the demolition and repair work. You will manage all these tasks only by having special expertise in some areas of activity. Otherwise, you can be at risk of hurting the overall process of your kitchen space remodels as well as your budget. It is recommended to hire a trustworthy company dealing with home remodels. It will be responsible for everything under your contract, starting from the preparation stage and ending with the kitchen project implementation itself.

What are the most important things when remodeling a kitchen space?

First of all, you have to create a wish list of changes to be implemented. Or, at least you should realize what you like and dislike in your kitchen. Without it, you won't be able to explain to a designer or a contractor (if hired) what character of renovations your kitchen space requires. The other not less important (and even a key thing) is your budget. What amount of money you are ready to spend to get your updated kitchen. When you clearly understand these two items, it will be easy for the contractor to offer you some reasonable solutions for your kitchen remodel. The only thing is to choose the one which fits you most, sign the remodels contract, and start the process.

Remodeling or Renovation?

To renovate something means to repair or freshen up. Concerning the kitchen, its renovation means performing some not-so-significant changes. For instance, replacement of furniture or cabinetry, adding some decorations, changing outdated electric appliances by modern ones, or perhaps, lighting change. Kitchen remodels (as well as remodel in general) imply some transformations implementation. For example, reconfiguration of space, the form of the room, replacement of some functional systems, such as plumbing systems, or significant electrical works carried out. In one word, renovation represents some slight changes implementation whereas remodels is a more serious process often requiring professional experts' assistance.