Window Replacement Ideas for Your Renovation Project


Window Replacement Ideas For Your Renovation Project

Many people think that the main goal of home renovation is the usual replacement of old elements with new ones; however, this is a completely erroneous assumption. To buy a new sofa instead of a faded and stripped old one, you do not need to hire a team of professionals and create a renovation plan. In fact, any remodeling is designed to improve your home, both in the context of convenience and efficiency of living and in the aspect of investments in a future possible sale.  

During the reconstruction, a qualitatively new space should be created that will make your life in the house as practical and comfortable as possible. This applies even to the smallest elements of furniture or decor. Nevertheless, firstly, it is necessary to pay attention to large strategic objects at home. One of these components is windows that perform the function of a conductor of sun rays, but also play an important design role.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of replacing windows during reconstruction and discuss the latest trends in this area. ADU Builders California is ready to carry out any renovation project, including the installation of all windows in your house. The company's specialists will advise you on all issues of interest and help you achieve the desired effect from remodeling to the fullest.

The Relevance Of Windows Changing

The peculiarity of windows is that they can be installed in any space. However, it is essential to think about where in the room or in the entire house it is most advantageous to place the windows.

Kitchen Windows

Window Replacement Ideas For Your Renovation Project

Renovation of windows in the kitchen allows you to fully realize their importance and benefits. Firstly, windows visually increase the space, which is critically critical for the kitchen that always seems small. Secondly, large windows add natural light and illumination. Thirdly, a lighted room seems more cozy and comfortable. Considering these factors, it is necessary to carefully choose the location of windows in the kitchen.

We offer three of the most practical and popular options:

  • Place the window above the sink. This allows you to see the smallest
    spots on the dishes, as well as create ideal conditions for looking after children in the yard.
  • Install tinted windows instead of wall tiles. This will add uniqueness and functionality to your kitchen.
  • One large or several small windows above the cooking workplace. This solution will save you from the installation of additional lamps, since the entire kitchen, including the family table, will be perfectly lit.

Overall, there are a lot of variations for installing windows in the kitchen, and it all depends on your preferences; however, one thing is invariable: the kitchen requires good lighting.

Bathroom Windows

Window Replacement Ideas For Your Renovation Project

According to experts from ADU Builders California, the second most popular room in which customers seek to replace windows is the bathroom. At the same time, this space is the most variable in terms of installing windows. If privacy and a sense of inviolability of personal space are important to you, then a small window under the ceiling will be the perfect one. If you want to create a home spa from the bathroom, then windows can be placed around the perimeter above the shower cabin, as this will create a pleasant and illuminated atmosphere. If you like sun treatments, you can install a large window from the ceiling to the floor opposite the bath.

It is also essential to understand that choosing a large window does not mean that outsiders will see you. You can always install blinds or roller blinds, as well as make the windows tinted. Modern smart home technologies also allow you to use the functions of automatic shutters on the control panel.  

As in the case of the kitchen, the bathroom should be well-lit. Of course, this effect can be achieved with the help of powerful light bulbs, however, it is not very environmentally friendly, and natural light is much more healthy for your skin and body.

Unique View Of The House

Window Replacement Ideas For Your Renovation Project

Windows are an essential element of every home, and it seems that they cannot add a special or rare look to it, however, this is not the case.

Here are four types of windows installation that will make your home the best in the whole town:

  • The transom over the door is not the most popular, and therefore a very unusual architectural solution. In addition to the fact that the transom will let more light into the hallway, it will also add style to the appearance of the house. The main thing is to select a transom of the same design as the door.
  • If it seems to you that the transom is not enough, then you can install side door windows either on both sides or only on one.
  • Ribbon windows around the perimeter of the room. Often this technique is used in those houses where there are no large windows. Ribbon windows will create a completely new perception of the room, as they will add light from a place where you don't expect to see it, as well as bring comfort and a sense of warmth.
  • Windows of unusual shape under the ceiling. A classic example is a round window in the attic, which is always associated with something magical and mysterious. However, such a trick can be turned not only with the attic, but also with any other room, be it a nursery or a living room, and the shape of the window can be whatever you want.

All in all, surprisingly, the rearrangement, replacement, or addition of new windows can radically change the appearance of the house so that after reconstruction it will become unrecognizable. You can always experiment with the renovation of windows because windows can contribute to the creation of a unique home design and improve the quality of life by increasing the illumination of rooms.

Top Five Trending Solutions for Windows

We talked about how you can arrange windows in different rooms. Now it's time to reveal the most unusual window designs.

1. Bow Windows

Window Replacement Ideas For Your Renovation Project

This model gives the facade an unusual and original look. Such windows are perfect for round or semicircular rooms, as they can create the widest possible view over the entire radius. The client can choose one of three options for tilting the glass, as well as pick an individual style for the entire structure and certain elements (frame, handle, and shutters). At the same time, manufacturers of bow windows produce vinyl frames both from various natural materials and decorative ones that are made of plastic but visually do not differ from real wood or metal.    

2. Casement Windows

Window Replacement Ideas For Your Renovation Project

This model will add a cozy and warm atmosphere to your home because windows with shutters are primarily associated with the countryside, nature, and bright sunlight that fills the room when you open the shutters. In parallel with this, casement windows have other serious advantages. Firstly, wooden shutters protect windows during hail and from any mechanical impact. Secondly, the installation of these windows will create ideal sound insulation. Finally, shutters exclude any cold drafts. If you choose casement windows, then you are guaranteed warmth and comfort at any time of the year.

3. Corner Window

Window Replacement Ideas For Your Renovation Project

This type appeared in the arsenal of designers and architects relatively recently, so it has not yet reached the peak of popularity. If you are faced with the problem of arranging the table in such a way that there is enough light for reading or writing, then with corner windows this dilemma will disappear, because such windows illuminate the room very well. Corner windows are more suitable for large rooms, as a feeling of closeness with nature is created if the windows overlook the forest or mountains. Some clients note that they experience the effect of a temporary portal when they look at the corner windows, as they are so unusual and impressive.

4. Rotary Windows

Window Replacement Ideas For Your Renovation Project

In contrast to the large windows that we mentioned earlier, now we will talk about small swivel windows. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they open 360 degrees in any direction, they can be rotated, and you can set the angle of light that you want. Swivel windows are ideal for small rooms (storage room, toilet, or basement), especially if they do not require a lot of light to illuminate them. As is the case with other windows, you can pick the style that you like the most and which is suitable for your particular home interior design.

5. Soft Windows

Window Replacement Ideas For Your Renovation Project

The latest modification of windows is soft models, which are made of a special flexible PVC material. Soft windows are an excellent alternative to classic glazing. At the same time, they are also reliable, do not pass cold air, and are resistant to mechanical damage. The main advantage of soft windows is that they provide an exceptional panoramic view. From the point of view of configuration, soft windows can be easily removed and folded without taking up much space. An important plus for customers is that soft windows are inexpensive and presented in a large assortment.

Overall, the replacement of windows is a responsible step during the home reconstruction. At the same time, the right choice of new windows can give your home style and uniqueness, as well as create an atmosphere of family coziness and comfort. Specialists from ADU Builders California are ready to advise you on any issues related to the renovation of the house. The company will undertake the most complex and unusual project, while the work will be performed at a high-quality level in the shortest possible time.