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If you live anywhere in the Sacramento area and feel like changing your old house or apartment to a dream home, maybe it is time to develop and implement your custom home project. And to prepare everything for your custom home, you might need a team of home building and remodeling specialists who will render top-notch services for you.

Among general contractors in Sacramento, there is one that will always be there for you. The ADU Builders California Company is ready to help with your custom home building, and you can find this business in various ratings of the best contractors in the region.

In case you prefer to complete your house renovation or building project instead of hiring a Sacramento general contractor, let us explain to you what services and benefits you can get if you change your mind. Believe us, signing a contract with a smart team that a general contractor will provide you with is much better than leaving all the processes for yourself and making a full and complex remodel on your own.

In our brief but informative review, we will define what services general contractors can do for you in Sacramento, tell a bit about our finished projects and portfolio, and provide you with some clients' reviews so you can understand why Sacramento residents prefer our company. We expect that you leave your home remodel plans or a new construction project to the team of pros afterward.

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General Contractor Services in Sacramento Area

If you have never thought of hiring a general contractor for your home building or remodel in Sacramento because you consider it useless, we will now provide you with a convincing list of works that a construction team can complete for your place.

Smart and professional Sacramento general contractors, including ADU Builders California, are capable of doing the following job:

Exterior and interior design development

Before we start working, there should be a thorough and well-thought plan of how things will look on the outside and inside when everything is done. You may hire a third-party designer who will develop the whole plan for you or add a few details to your existing project made on your own.

However, there is a better option: our team can provide you with a smart designer who will listen to your ideas and be responsible for your custom home building or house renovation in terms of the look. Our specialists can help both with exterior and interior design; besides, you can request additional plans for your land plot.

  1. All home's essential systems check and fixture

Over time, your plumbing, electricity, and heating systems may face various damages because they are getting older every day. When the team begins working at your property, it should carefully check everything related to the above-mentioned systems.

All outdated details should be replaced, and if something is broken, specialists must fix it to avoid problems in the future. Unfortunately, ignoring this topic might lead to severe damages like floods (if you have leaking pipes) or fires (if something is wrong with the electricity system's components). If you have anything like this in your house or apartment after the remodel is over, you will have to pay much more to eliminate the disaster's consequences.

  1. Materials selection

Local contractors, including ADU Builders California, will help you with a selection of quality materials and supplies for your renovation. You will not have to do it on your own: our professional team will choose several options with different pricing that will fit both your project and your budget.

This becomes especially important if you have zero experience in renovation and cannot call yourself a home builder. Trust the selection of supplies to our specialists and you will not regret it.

  1. Full-scale reconstruction

Of course, a professional general contractor will not only prepare a detailed plan of every single thing that should be done but will also complete all works on its own. The list of works that our team will do for you is large and includes flooring, walls painting, ceiling changing, furniture and domestic appliances installation, changing rooms' purpose and functions, and many other things.

Regardless of the room that we work in, the result will impress you. We offer a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen remodel separately if you want only one room renovated.

And there is no doubt that you will get the highest quality service on every step of your renovation project. Whether you are in Granite Bay, Rancho Cordova, or any other Sacramento town, do not hesitate to contact us and start walking the path to your dream home.

  1. New home complete construction

Besides working on your renovation plan, a good quality Sacramento general contractor will be able to provide you with construction from scratch. So, if you are looking for a company that will create an additional building at your land plot or simply build you a new home, you can contact us to appoint an on-site meeting and discuss the details.

Besides doing all these, which is an enormous advantage, there are also some more pros that demonstrate the importance of working with a general contractor like ADU Builders California in Sacramento.

  1. Free estimates of your project

Of course, you would like to know in advance how much your remodel or construction project will cost. Although we have to warn you that you will not get the final numbers until the work is over, still, there is a way to predict how much you will spend on the whole thing.

Our specialists will give a detailed estimate of all the work's aspects and give you a bit of expert advice about your possibilities to save some money and time. Sounds attractive, right? This is an essential advantage of hiring a general contractor: you will probably not be able to count and predict your costs so precisely on your own.

  1. Discounts for materials

Another advantage of working with a professional home builder is an opportunity to get numerous discounts for a wide array of high-quality materials. Most of the contractors can boast their connections with various suppliers willing to make generous discounts and drop prices for certain supplies. You would never get this benefit while working on the project and buying materials on your own. A great bonus, right?

  1. Liability insurance

While we, as a team of experienced employees, are always sure about our job, still, there are factors that we cannot foresee. If anything bothers you after we finish our work or anything breaks over time, you will always have an option to call us, and we will fix everything for you. For every problem a homeowner may have, there will be a general contractor`s compensation.

  1. Other guarantees

Besides liability insurance mentioned above, there are other guarantees listed on the contract you sign with your Sacramento general contractor. One of the most important promises the company makes is to finish work by the deadline you have discussed before signing the agreement. This will save you from unexpected issues and delays: ADU Builders California company is famous for completing the job in time or even ahead.

Our Construction Projects

Over the course of practice, the company has gathered a huge portfolio of finished projects. This portfolio is placed here on our webpage. Viewers will find different samples of our projects there, including residential and commercial construction in different Sacramento areas.

Regardless of the project type, visitors may see something interesting for their future remodeling works: bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen remodel, full home remodels, new construction, and so on. From fantastic outdoor kitchens to fancy marble bathrooms, from luxury master bedrooms to land plot improvements — our company does our job amazingly and provides clients with service of the highest quality at a fair price.

The portfolio is supported by numerous positive reviews left by our customers who have already moved into the homes of their dreams after completing their remodel or construction in Sacramento.

Customer Reviews

Alongside a wide portfolio, we have numerous customer reviews. Our clients are often thankful and leave wonderful comments about our business and our projects.

There are certain features that most of the clients note about our team:

We follow all the deadlines listed in the contract you sign and always try to work faster than planned. This, of course, does not affect our work's quality.

The quality of our job is commonly considered outstanding. People enjoy not only the way their homes look but also the accuracy and cleanness of every single corner.

Most of our employees can boast combined experience in different spheres of construction. This helps us work wisely and provide top-quality service in every project.

Our company always tries to choose great materials that are also environmentally friendly, and many customers are thankful for that.

It does not matter how many ongoing projects we have at the same time; all our clients get an equal amount of attention, and the quality does not get worse. Our team is multi-functional, and we have enough employees to cover all clients' needs, and clients, in turn, appreciate it.

Many customers accompany their reviews with beautiful photos of their new homes. The Reviews section is available on our site, and you can check it to see the results of our remodel and construction projects.

As you can see now, hiring experienced and hard-working contractors for your renovation or construction projects is a smart move. It will save you plenty of money and time, and the outcome will be fantastic if you choose the right company. Feel free to contact us today, schedule a meeting with our specialists, and begin your remodel, or construction works. We can't wait to see you!

In case of any doubts and questions regarding your remodel or construction contractor in Sacramento, try to find the answers below.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Where in the Sacramento area can I hire your team?

We operate in different places in Sacramento, CA, including West Sacramento; you can find the full list here on our website. Among the towns where you can hire us are Citrus Heights, Land Park, Fair Oaks, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, and others in the area. Contact us, and our team will arrive to see how we can help you!

How can I contact you and arrange a consultation?

There are four different ways to reach us, and everyone can choose the method which is the most convenient for them. First of all, you can send us a message through this website, where you are reading the review right now. Secondly, you can visit the Contacts section of the site and find our email address there. Another option is to call us via the phone number written in Contacts. Lastly, those who prefer to meet us in person can visit our office in North Highlands, Sacramento, during its working hours.

How can you help me with my home remodeling project in Sacramento, CA?

As a general contractor, our team is ready to take all the responsibilities tied to remodel, and construction works at your property. Our contractor offers top-quality works that include developing interior and exterior designs, full remodel of all rooms, furniture installation, and so on. Besides, we are ready to complete new construction in Sacramento for you.

We do both residential and commercial construction. If you want to renovate a separate room instead of remaking the whole house or apartment, we are at your service, too: our company does bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen remodel with ease.

How much will my remodeling project in Sacramento cost with a contractor?

The money you will spend on your construction or remodel project will depend on various factors like the volume of services to render, the budget for materials, the work speed and deadlines, and so on. Before the work starts, it is hard to predict the final sum. However, our contractor offers a free estimate of your project before our contract is signed.

Contact our manager to schedule the meeting on-site. Our workers will arrive and provide you with a consultation that includes checking the conditions at your property and counting the approximate cost of your renovation or construction project. This will be done for free!


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