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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Davis, California

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Davis, CA, located about 11 miles far from West Sacramento (Yolo County), represents one of the best places in California for peaceful and comfortable living for every family.

Having your residential lot with the primary house, you have an excellent opportunity to expand your existing property space through building a so-called accessory dwelling unit (ADU) representing an additional living area for your family members and significantly increasing your property value.

Such additional structures have become very popular and high-demand within the last decades in California, as well as San Francisco and Sacramento County, including all its areas.

In our accessory dwelling unit detailed review, we will provide you with some useful information and clarify numerous questions which may arise in this connection.

What Do Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Davis, CA Represent?

The ADU is an abbreviation for the accessory dwelling units, which represent the secondary structures built on the same single-family residential parcels as the primary dwelling houses.

There are numerous kinds of such secondary dwelling structures. We will focus on 3 main types of ADU constructions generally used and having numerous specific variations.

These 3 main types of the ADUs are as follows:

As you see, having a residential lot with the primary home on it, you have an opportunity to significantly improve your living conditions by performing construction of any kind of ADUs that fits you the most.

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Regulations Related to ADUs Construction

Of course, to implement some of these ADU projects at your property land where your single-family residence exists, you have to acquire all the necessary permits for the ADU construction. Their obtaining is impossible if you don’t observe special ADU building regulations established for your area.

The general requirements applied to the ADU construction and established for the State of California are as follows:

When you find out the general requirements applied to any ADU building on the territory of the state, including Davis, CA, it is time to get acquainted with the main advantages the ADU structures erection can provide the homeowner with.

Benefits for the Homeowners of Building the ADUs, Davis, Ca

Having your property land with the primary residence located on it, you can significantly benefit from adding the new secondary structure building.

The advantages of such kind of a project are as follows:

Building a detached ADU is the best way for some families living in one big primary house to have separated households and at the same time remain close to each other. It is especially important for the young families who would like to maintain their independence, having more living space and freedom. As a source of income, ADUs are quite attractive for long-term or short-term renters.


How Can ADU Contractor, Davis, California, Help Me?

When you are convinced that ADU building is one of the best investments to your future well-being, the problem is how to arrange the creation of such a secondary structure.

Of course, you need the assistance of some reliable ADU service provider or a general contractor dealing with ADU building. Such a company will bear all the responsibility starting with the preparation stage (calculations, costs estimates, and acquiring all the necessary permits) and ending with the performance of the works (including buying of all the required materials for the construction of the ADU).

How Can I Hire a Good ADU Service Provider Near Me?

ADU Builders California is a company dealing with a variety of construction works and services all over Sacramento, CA (including West Sacramento and Davis, CA). We provide our customers with the entire assistance in everything connected with building, reconstruction, renovation, and remodeling projects. We also can take all the responsibility for any project implementation, acting as a general contractor.

You can entrust us with your ADU project design working out and its subsequent construction, including settling all the issues concerning gaining the building permits necessary for your future ADU construction.

We have an excellent portfolio, including dozens of various complicated projects successfully implemented by our professional team of experts, good former customers’ reviews, and a significant list of reliable subcontractors, ready to perform any complicated work and bring to life all your ideas.

You will be amused by our competitive pricing policy and special offers provided by our trustworthy partners and subcontractors!

ADU Building Service Provider, Davis, Ca

Being the leader in the construction and remodeling markets of California, as well as in West Sacramento, including all its related areas, ADU Builders California provides its demanding customers with the best turnkey ADU building solutions fitting any budget.

Having excellent expertise and years of experience, we are happy to bring to life any project. We will do all the work ourselves, preventing you from wasting your time and effort.

Once you sign the ADU construction contract with us, you get:

Hiring our company you get the whole scope of high-quality ADU construction service, works, and turnkey solutions without any hidden costs. The sooner you visit our office the faster you can obtain your new additional dwelling unit at your disposal.

Our company operates all over the Sacramento area. You can contact us in almost every area of Sacramento County. If we are not represented somewhere, we will be happy to visit your site anyway.

ADU Sacramento City, California

As you see ADU construction helps you to create a new building structure on your residential lot giving you the great opportunity to improve your living conditions, significantly increase your living space, perhaps, obtain an additional working place for your business or remote work. If you don’t lack any additional space for living or working the ADU construction can be a source of your additional income and become an excellent investment tool as compared to a standard bank deposit. Besides, the ADU cost is quite moderate as compared to the purchase of the completely new building object.

Why not make maximum use of your land?

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What is the standard ADU cost in Davis?

The prices vary depending on the type of the ADU, its size, building permit costs which are equal from 2000 up to 8000 US dollars, as well as the materials chosen for your ADU project implementation. To find out the approximate cost calculations it is better to call for a general contractor operating in your area. And yet, turnkey construction of a standard ADU can cost you from 90000 US dollars up to 200000 US dollars depending on the complexity of your ADU project.

How long does it take to have the new ADU?

Of course, it is an individual issue. The period of the ADU project implementation depends on numerous factors, such as the size of your potential new additional structure, its type (attached, detached, junior, garage transformation), the complexity of the design project, and the period spent obtaining ADU building permits. Approximate time spent for a standard ADU building amounts to about 3-7 months or even more if your ADU project is complicated.

How can accessory dwelling unit construction in Davis, Ca help homeowners improve their well-being?

If you are the owner of your residential parcel having the primary dwelling unit and a certain amount of money it would be sound to think over the construction of a detached secondary structure close to your primary home to improve your living conditions, increasing the area for living, home office, or storage. You can also gain an extra income by renting this small building to someone. The benefits are obvious and are a better solution as compared to depositing your funds in the bank.

What number of ADUs can be added to a single-family residence in Davis, Sacramento City according to the state law?

According to the Davis Municipal Code which has been lately brought into compliance by the Davis City Council with the Californian ADU regulations a primary single-family home located on the property land can be added by two accessory dwelling units, which are an ADU and a JADU types. It is very important to understand that the main accessory dwelling unit can be either attached or detached, whereas the junior accessory dwelling unit can represent only a secondary structure gained as a result of your existing living space transformation in your primary residence.

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