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If you are an owner of a house in El Dorado Hills and think of enlarging your existing space, you can reconsider your house`s rooms and remodel them. However, there is another way that might be more convenient and attractive: you can build an accessory dwelling unit (simply called ADU) on the same land plot as your primary residence.

This can be a brand new construction started from scratch or an extension to your existing single-family or multi-family home — there are various options that have their pros and cons, and in this review, we will tell you about building an ADU in El Dorado Hills, including the current laws in El Dorado county, types of ADU you can select from, and reasons why you may need an ADU in the first place.

One important thing you should take into account when you decide to build an ADU near your home is that probably no one will do it better than a smart general contractor. These companies normally have all the required licenses, enough experience, and knowledge of the local laws, so you do not get punished for your ADU later. Below, you will obtain useful information about choosing among multiple contractors in El Dorado Hills and making the right choice.

ADU El Dorado Hills, CA

Let's begin with the basics: what is an ADU? What are the ADU types available for homeowners? Why do people prefer to add an ADU to their housing?

Generally, there are three types of ADU that are widespread in California and in El Dorado Hills, particularly. While you can understand the idea of all types from their names, still, we will briefly explain each type.

Attached ADU

This type allows you to literally expand your existing space. Your ADU will become integral to your home and make it bigger, and you will have direct access from your single-family or multi-family house. This is a perfect choice for homeowners who try to find a way to build an additional room (for example, a bedroom for their newborn baby, a storage room, a home office, or a dining spot).

Detached ADU

People prefer to place detached ADUs in their property lines because sometimes they need to have a separate place where they can host friends, family, or other unexpected guests. There are some other reasons to build accessory dwelling units that are not connected with primary homes, and we will mention these reasons further in our review.

Converted ADU

If you have a garage that is not used anymore and keeps being empty, consider turning it into a fully-fledged ADU that can easily fit at least one room of your choice (depending on the garage`s or another converted property`s size). In this case, you may save some money because you will not need to start new construction.

These are ADU types that are legal in El Dorado Hills. In the following section, we will provide you with critical details and law updates that set various ADU features in the area. Be careful when building your own ADU because it should be constructed in accordance with county and state law and requirements.

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Accessory Dwelling Units

As an owner of a house in the state, you cannot build an accessory dwelling unit on your land plot randomly, without knowing the local regulations. Otherwise, there is a threat of multiple penalties and a necessity of demolishing.

So, here are the current requirements applicable to El Dorado county. Sometimes they can change; this is why we strictly recommend you hire a business tied to remodeling professionally that is aware of all the law changes and restrictions that apply right now.

Again, as you already know, laws can be updated each and every day and you can miss this information. So, it would be best if you hire a professional team that will not only broaden your property by completing a great quality construction but will also do it in compliance with all current regulations.


Reasons to Build ADUs in California

If you keep reading this review and still do not understand why you should build an ADU in addition to your living property in Northern California, we have prepared a set of reasons that may convince you.

Make your living space wider

You can easily enlarge your home with an ADU and get yourself additional space for work or leisure. If you suffer and feel a lack of a room or two, the lot will help you fulfill your needs.

Increase your profit

There is a way to make money on an ADU: you can rent it to someone else. Some young people tend to rent ADUs in California because they can save their funds and they often do not need huge rooms and living premises.

Offer housing for your family members or friends

If you are expecting your parents to move in with you or planning to have a baby soon, an ADU is a fantastic way to stay in your single-family home but make it bigger for new members. ADUs are often called granny flats because many families choose this option when they think of hosting their parents who get older.

Convert spaces that you do not use anymore

Suppose that you have a garage but have no car anymore and no further plans to purchase one. Why keep it empty? Converting it into a living space (even with a minimum lot size) is a great idea that also adds value to your housing.

How ADU builder El Dorado Hills, Northern California can help you?

Having a team of experienced specialists when creating a new construction (including ADUs) on your land plot is a must. While some residents consider implementing their project on their own, we offer you a great solution: hiring a company that will ensure your building site will turn into a beautiful and convenient unit after all.

Here are just a couple of reasons to hire professionals when dealing with ADUs and their creation in the region.

All-inclusive: design development, consultation, and construction

From the moment you contact the company's managers, they will start working on your project development and implementation. A professional designer will help you determine what your ADU should look like, and other team members will work on construction, heating, plumbing, electricity, and cleaning after the project is finished. Having all services provided by one team when building a house is one of the most convenient options, believe us.

The importance of schedule

Conscientious companies usually follow the deadline and complete the project before the date indicated in the contract. If you are in a rush and in urgent need of an ADU, there is nothing better than asking a contractor for professional and quick help.

Full insurance and responsibility

If there are any problems with your fresh property, you can always apply to the team that led your construction. They will fix everything without asking for the money from you.

How to hire an ADU service provider near me?

If you are looking for a company that is capable of a new construction development on your territory, there are some proven ways to find a good company.

You can ask your family, colleagues, or friends for recommendations, visit social media profiles to choose a company for their portfolio, or search various clients` reviews or comments online. However, below, we will offer you an experienced business that will expect your call.

ADU building service provider in El Dorado Hills

Among other companies, ADU Builders California is a team that has your back. We are ready to help you with the construction of your dream home, and that includes ADUs of any difficulty.

Our list of completed buildings and implemented projects keeps growing, and we hope that you will become our new beloved customer. We invite you to visit our designer showroom, check completed projects and consult with our experienced specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Why do I need an ADU near my existing home?

ADUs fulfill various tasks and make people's lives much more comfortable. You can use an ADU as a home for your family members that will live with you in the near future; create a home office that will be a separate place from your primary house; build a unit for rent, and so on. Having an ADU gives you more freedom and space.

How much does it cost to build an ADU in California?

It is hard to provide you with final numbers because people have different tasks and aims when they create their ADUs. On average, one unit will cost you 150,000 US dollars.

How to start building an ADU?

To begin creating an accessory dwelling unit at your property, we advise that you apply to a professional contractor that you have either found online or heard of from people you know and trust.

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