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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in West Sacramento, California

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Many homeowners struggle with solving the problem of the lack of living space. Buying an apartment or more property can be inconvenient and not affordable to many, so what to do in such a situation? Building an accessory dwelling unit might appear as one of the best solutions.

These accessory structures are perfect for any property owner who wants to expand the residential part of the lot or utilize previously unused constructions. In most cases, ADUs are used as living spaces, but you can also turn one into an office or a studio. One can even rent the place and receive additional benefits for it.

If you are interested in building accessory dwelling units, you should consider hiring a construction services company. ADU Builders California is a West Sacramento contractor that can help you to become an owner of a brand new accessory dwelling unit.

ADU West Sacramento, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

So, what is an accessory dwelling unit exactly? ADUs are additional structures that are located on the same property lot as the primary residential building. ADUs sometimes are also called granny flats, in-law units, or secondary units. In West Sacramento, ADU constructions are pretty common, so you have probably seen many of them around the city.

If you are still thinking about whether or not building an ADU would be a smart decision, here are some of the good ways that you utilize your housing unit. If you need a true granny flat, you can move your elderly parents or relatives to the ADU and take constant care of them. This allows many families to be near their loved ones if they need any help urgently. Moreover, you can turn the additional dwelling unit into a guest house and have your visitors stay there over the weekend.

In addition to that, you can also get rental income from ADU once it stays empty for a while. Rent the place to a tenant and get some extra income for it just like that. You can use part of this money to pay for the property tax rate, which would increase with the ADU as the unit increases property value. The increase in your property's cost can be a major benefit for the future.

Many people in West Sacramento use ADUs as personal offices or studios. Having them right by your side allows you to easily work from home while still maintaining that productive environment.

In California, there are several types of ADUs allowed for single-family and multi-family use. They are the following:

Detached ADUs stand separately from the main residential unit. The attached ones are connected to the primary housing but have separate entrances. Junior ADUs are generally smaller than the other types, and they might share a bathroom with the main house.

You can add ADUs to your parcel by building a brand new one or making a conversion. If on the lot you have an already existing construction, like a garage or a shed, with some additional materials, you can turn them into an ADU. Garage conversions are pretty common, and they require less work than building attached and detached ADUs from scratch.

If you want a quality ADU that is made according to your preferences, contact ADU Builders California. We can make any accessory construction you want, whether it is a detached or attached one, a brand new building, or a conversion.

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How ADU builder West Sacramento, California can, help you?

A person who does not know much about the development of ADUs might think that it is easy to build by yourself. However, one has to be aware of all the building permits which must be received to make an in-law unit. To be approved, the project has to meet Building Code requirements, follow all the state law regulations and meet state standards, and then go through a ministerial review process. It is a lot, and repeating the process each time just because you make small mistakes in the plan is very time-consuming.

ADUs cannot be simply made by the design of an owner; they have to follow several rules:

The services of a contractor and architect could really help here. Planning it all by yourself is exhausting, and you never know what to expect at the end: an approval or a waste of time and money.

ADU Builders California is ready to create an ADU plan with its location on the property, proximity to existing structures, and all the measures which follow the legal rules. When the plan gets approved, our professional builders start creating your ADU right away.


How to hire an ADU service provider near me?

When looking for a good contractor, it is important to choose the one you can trust. If you are interested in getting a quality result that is safe to use, make sure to research the company and the services they offer beforehand. But how do you choose the best construction service provider in the city?

First of all, check the legibility of a business. It must have all the construction permits and licenses. If the company is not insured, it cannot guarantee the safety of its work. No one wants to have an unsafe unit on their property.

Then, it is important to look at the previously completed projects. Check the contractor's website or a social media page and see whether they have photos of other works. If a company is ready to share its achievements, then its work is quite clear and can be trusted.

Last but not least, read the reviews of other customers. See what people have to say about the service provider. Check the most common complaints, if there are any, and note to yourself the fact that you might face these problems when working with a company.

Luckily, the construction services can be provided to you by ADU Builders California. Our company has all the required licenses and guarantees you get the safest living unit in the end. To make sure that our work goes well, check out the portfolio of successfully completed projects that can be found on our website. Also, there you can read reviews left by our happy and satisfied clients who are already the owners of ADUs.

ADU building service provider in West Sacramento

Advances Remodeling is one of the best construction companies not only in West Sacramento but all over California. Long years of work have shown that the quality results and properly made projects are valued among customers, and that is why more and more people want their location to be redone or renovated by our professionals.

You can get an online consultation with Advances Remodeling specialists. There you can discuss your wishes for the ADU, materials, design, and all other necessary aspects. You will find out the preliminary price for your project as soon as you make the decisions about the details. ADU Builders California is ready to make all your ADU wishes come true, so do not miss a chance to increase property value and use our services.

Whether you are looking for an additional living space, a personal working zone, or a way to get some extra income, ADU is perfect for that. Have ADU Builders California create the unit for you and enjoy the final results as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How much does it cost to build an ADU in California?

It is impossible to name the precise price, as all the ADUs differ in size and materials used. You can get a free online consultation with ADU Builders California specialists, who will tell you all about possible options and prices for them, so you know at least the approximate cost.

What are the requirements for an ADU in California?

ADUs cannot be bigger than 700 square feet and cannot take more than 1,200 square feet of the lot, no matter what size it has. Four feet rear setback must be provided and fire alarms that indicate smoke must be installed near each bedroom in the ADU. The appearance of the unit must be compatible with the one of the primary housing.

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