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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Shingle Springs, California

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The Sacramento area and California, in general, are attractive places to live for people from all around the world. Such interest in the California property caused the rapid increase in the demand for apartments and units. However, there are not enough units for long-term stay here and that is why the prices for rent and purchase of property grew. If you want to use the opportunity to earn money in this situation or you would like to invest in your property, you should consider building an ADU or, as it is also called, a granny flat.

There are many advantages of ADU construction in Shingle Springs, CA. Continue reading this review to decide whether you need to build an accessory dwelling unit at your property and how to do this.

ADU Shingle Springs, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory dwelling units can be used for different purposes by homeowners. For example, it can become a home for your family members or an area for your guests. Furthermore, building an accessory dwelling unit can be a business for you because you can rent it out. As the demand for property is high in Shingle Springs, the unit will provide you with an additional stable income source.

Being interested in the building of a secondary unit next to your primary residence, you should know the legal regulations of the state related to this activity. Any construction of new living spaces in California is subjected to rules and laws determined by the state. That is why it is crucial to learn information about this topic before you start any construction operations.

One of the easiest ways to avoid problems with authorities while constructing ADU is to work with local contractors. Construction companies can control the whole process of building and registering ADU in Shingle Springs, and their services are usually affordable. Think about hiring a team of specialists for the ADU building, as it will save your time and guarantee high-quality work.

Check out our recommendations on the choice of contractor and the process of secondary unit building. This article can be practical for you if you want to increase the value of your property with ADU or enlarge the living space.

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How ADU builder Shingle Springs, California, can help you?

ADU building in California is complicated and time-consuming for homeowners who have never constructed anything. This activity requires a good knowledge of design, repairs, and construction as it may influence the quality of the final work and its long-term perspectives. For this reason, we recommend you consider working with professional builders for the creation of a new living space in your backyard.

The procedure of ADU construction and the time it takes vary for different types of units. You should understand the difference between secondary units and be aware of the requirements for building an ADU of a particular type at your property. It will allow you to decide whether you can manage the building process by yourself or you need to hire specialists.

So, four main types of secondary units are popular in Shingle Springs:

When choosing the type of ADU to build you should know the regulations related to the measurements of construction and its location. Also, California law obliges people who construct ADUs to obtain permits and follow the regulations. Local contractors are aware of all restrictions and laws and that is why their help is essential in ADU construction.

Furthermore, contractors are experienced in home remodeling and building. They always develop their skills by following trends in the design of interiors and implementing new technologies in building. It increases your chances to build a comfortable and highly functional living space at your property. Also, it means that the ADU will serve you for a long time because a professional approach to the building will prevent possible problems.

ADU Builders California is one of the providers of building services in Shingle Springs. We are ready to provide a consultation on the ADU building and prepare free estimates for you. Contact us online or in-person to learn more information about our services.


How to hire an ADU service provider near me?

When you have decided to use the assistance of specialists, you need to select the best local rebuilder. The home remodeling sphere of business is well developed in the Sacramento area nowadays. It means that it will be hard for you to select only one provider and be sure of its professionalism.

We recommend you pay attention to the following traits of the contractor while selecting it in Shingle Springs:

By choosing ADU Builders California as the company reliable for your ADU construction you do not need to worry about any problems. We will develop the project and create a detailed work plan to improve your home. Moreover, our specialists will control the entire process of permits obtained to avoid any issues with the law.

Select ADU Builders California in Shingle Springs to let your ideas about the dream ADU come true. Our services are available in several cities in the Sacramento region, so you can contact one of them and discuss your home improvements with our specialists.

ADU building service provider in Shingle Springs

Developing projects for homeowners, we think over all details to make the process of unit construction easy for you. As we are interested in customer satisfaction, ADU Builders California offers you a huge variety of services targeted at the improvement of existing space or the creation of a new comfortable living area for you.

Complete construction of granny flats includes these operations:

We understand the value of each step required for successful ADU construction. That is why our specialists are ready to help you with all the problems that may appear during the designing and construction of a unit. Also, we can offer you the complete reconstruction of the garage or the creation of a new living area for your family members. It will allow us to control the ADU building from the start and till the end and reduce the amount of work for you.

ADU Builders California can guarantee you that you will be satisfied with the completed work and enjoy your stay in a newly built unit with your family. Being a property owner you should select only the highest quality materials and approaches for the addition of a unit in your backyard. Our company is ready to assist you in this and take full responsibility for your home improvement.

ADU Builders California has been building granny flats in different designs for years. Contact us today to start ADU building as soon as possible and receive top-quality service from us. Invest in your comfort by choosing the best contractor in Shingle Springs, CA.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What are the requirements for an ADU in California?

Granny flats in California are limited in size and location by California law. Thus, its area should be less than 1,200 square feet and the height have to be less than 16 feet. As regards location, there should be a distance minimum of 10 feet from your main house and 5 feet from all property lines. Check the requirements regularly as it may affect the success of permits obtained.

Is there a minimum size for an ADU in California?

The minimum area of an ADU is 150 square feet. However, units smaller than 500 square feet are considered junior ADUs. If your secondary unit is bigger than this, it will be an independent unit attached to the main residence. The size of fees for permits obtainment also varies according to the square of your unit.

Do you need a permit for ADU in California?

Yes, it is obligatory to get a permit to register ADU legally in California. The permits are different for various types of units. You have to collect the required documents and pay fees determined by the area of the unit and its type. It will allow you to use ADU as a living space in the future.

How many bedrooms can an ADU have in California?

You can build up to two bedrooms in the secondary unit according to state law. However, the number of bedrooms depends on the lot size. Thus, for example, you cannot create more than one bedroom in a junior ADU. Also, the maximum limit for a lot size is 850 square feet when you design only one bedroom.

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