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Those who have glanced at the state of realty nowadays should have noticed the increase in accessory dwelling units. You may wonder why so many homeowners decided to build a granny flat right now. The answer is obvious — because reality doesn’t get any cheaper, and the best moment to invest in it is right now! But instead of spending a fortune on a new lot and building a main house there, a granny flat represents a wonderful opportunity to save on ADU construction and, at the same time, receive a fully functioning single-family home with the benefits of any other regular house.

Moreover, those who own a granny flat can boast a variety of ways to use them. They can invite older relatives to live nearby or find tenants and start renting out the living areas to generate rental income. Moreover, after they get tired of that piece of land, they can sell the whole lot with a granny flat on it to another owner.

Surely, to create a granny flat, you don’t need much, just the right knowledge, understanding of local regulations, and skills that allow you to get the necessary permits and construct a flat. Also, you should know where to find the right material and how to create a plan. Well, in reality, it sounds like a lot. Hence, we advise you to confide the construction of a granny pod to the real professionals – ADU Builders California Company. With a team of professionals from different spheres, be they lawyers, architects, or simple builders, they are able to construct granny flats of any difficulty in a discussed time period and for a certain price.

Those who already want to start building a granny flat right away can schedule a meeting at the office right now. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn more about granny flats, you are in the right place. Here, we will discuss everything about them.

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Granny flat – a small yet functional living area

Any granny flat serves as a nice addition to the existing property, as the number of ways you can use it for your own good is simply endless. Want to generate passive income? Easy. Want to organize multigenerational housing there? Consider it done. And luckily, you don’t break the law no matter for which purpose you use it. To give you a better understanding of your options, let’s examine closely many ways of taking advantage of your granny flat.

Home office

Living in your house in the San Francisco Bay Area is amazing, especially when you can cross out of your schedule the necessity to leave the main property. This is achievable by the creation of any granny unit in your backyard space and further transformation of it into your home office. This extra space will suit perfectly for the role of your own office as you will have all the necessities right here, in your in-law apartment. Moreover, you will not have the disadvantages of the regular office, like limited access to food or the need to figure out how much space you can take and not harm your colleagues.

Living space for your family members

None of us becomes younger, and your parents are probably no exception. However, when we grow old, we require much more care and surveillance, which is difficult to achieve when older family members are far away and you don’t have access to them. The creation of a granny flat can solve this problem with aging relatives now and forever. After the construction is finished, you can invite your mom and dad to live there while you keep an eye on them instead of sending them to a nursing home.

Another way of using a mother-in-law suite is by accommodating your kids, who are not teenagers anymore but young adults and want to live alone. You can provide this opportunity to them by giving into their possession the mother-in-law suite. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone: your children will start the separation process, and you will know that they are always somewhere nearby. A win-win solution!

Rental unit

A guest house can also pay itself off in the following years if you start working closely with tenants interested in houses that don’t cost that much. In recent years, a huge number of young people from several states have come here and found a living space exactly in a house like this. For homeowners, it is an amazing way of making money out of thin air by setting up a competitive cost for the property, be it a converted garage or a full-sized detached accessory dwelling unit.

Space to accommodate friends

Your friends are likely great tourists who don’t mind spending several hours to reach your main property. Moreover, we assume that they like traveling with their families and are not interested in returning home the same day they come to you. At your place, we would invite them to stay in a recently built and hence perfect granny flat. For sure, they will appreciate the night spent in your backyard space, and you will be able to spend more time together.

As you can see, the number of ways to use your granny flat and even compensate for its costs is simply infinite and restricted only by your inventiveness. ADU Builders California company will happily provide you with options to turn your dreams into reality and create a perfect granny flat.

Why building a granny flat is great

Despite the fact that the creation of a granny flat gives you a fan of opportunities, there is a wide array of benefits to be discussed, and that’s exactly what we are going to do now. The following advantages should force you to build a granny flat on your lot:

Nowadays, it is hard to be sure of the future, so having a backup plan is a must. An in-law suite can become this backup if you build it right away. Having it in your backyard space means an increase in the property value of the whole lot, so selling it to anyone in the future will mean more money. This attitude to the property leads to many homeowners perceiving accessory dwelling units as a careful investment rather than the living property for aging relatives or children.

Your family can participate in the creation of a benevolent community in your area by providing an accessory apartment to people who you trust and who seem like a nice addition to your neighbors. In addition, more people living in the area means greater security as someone will always be there to look after other houses. Hende, rent is not just a sum of money for you, but a clever way of cutting costs on security measures and the contribution to the community.

A granny flat is a nice way of enlarging the available space while living on the same property. And it is all yours, meaning you can do anything you want with it. Want to stash sports equipment in the garage conversion and take them when the season arrives or go to the northern areas of the country? Or do you want to take advantage of the additional bathroom while the rooms in the main property are occupied? All these options are possible with a granny unit on your lot.


The granny flat building process

No building codes can prohibit you from creating an in-law suite on your own. Even though it is a tiring task that requires a lot from the person who is going to approach it, we know some successful cases. However, in reality, there must be a happy coincidence in order to achieve a fully functioning accessory dwelling unit by the end of the construction. Hence, there is nothing shameful in entrusting the construction of a single-family home to a general contractor. But what does the process consist of?

The following steps are crucial to the creation of any granny flat:

  1. Obtaining necessary permits

Every country has certain, often harsh, regulations concerning the existing or soon-to-be reality. Hence, before creating an accessory dwelling unit and offering this living space to the dwellers, local authorities should allow the building of this housing unit. So, how do we obtain them? Well, sometimes it is pure art, and only lawyers with years of experience can pull this trick and get permission to build a perfect granny flat or planning permission to create a plan at least.

  1. Construction plan

In order for everything to go according to the plan, you should have one in the first place. Usually, experienced architects do it. There, they describe everything, from the required space between your property and a new granny flat to the interior decision in the property. For sure, the opinion of every family member counts. Those who are interested can check the plans for accessory dwelling units on the site.

  1. The building process itself

A couple of hands is not enough to build a single-family home as every accessory dwelling unit requires a lot of manpower to invest. Yes, you can get help from family members or your older relatives, but we don’t think that together, they can replace a team of skilled builders for whom your accessory dwelling unit is just one in a line of many others.

We hope we have clarified for the interested homeowners the exact tasks that the ADU Builders California company team has to face when approaching a granny flat project. We highly recommend you confide the process of building a new housing unit to the professionals of their craft, or otherwise, your guest house can be a flop.

Finding experienced granny flat builders

As we have already said, it is better to entrust the creation of new property units (be it Attached, Detached ADUs, or a converted garage) to the specialists in the field. But how would you know who is trustworthy and who is not? What requirements should they fit? Let’s discuss it a bit here.

There are many ways you can check whether you should give the general contractor your money or not. Firstly, go to their site as this gives you access to really valuable information about the company. There, you can easily find the projects for already completed units, the received licenses and permits to work, or sometimes even reviews of the company’s work from real clients. Check interesting interior decisions concerning granny flats or any other property built by the company.

Also, you can rely on word of mouth. Ask around your neighbors or your family about granny flats that they or their acquaintances have created, and you can probably find a team interested in giving quality services and creating a granny flat.

Last but not least, a careful analysis of the market is a great way of figuring out trustworthy contractors. What you should do is compare the pricing of the companies with these services and find the contractors whose services neither cost a fortune nor require a price below average. The key to the successful completion of a granny flat on your property is an average price, as these teams are unlikely to provide services of poor quality.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What are the benefits of different granny flat types?

A granny flat (or a granny annex) can appear in different forms, and hence, their choice depends on the goals it has to solve. For example, an Attached living space is a great option if you and the dwellers have to meet each other every now and then. As for the Detached housing space, limited access from the part of the owners gives the dwellers an opportunity to live peacefully alone. The converted garage is not saved from visits to this space from the homeowners in contrast to the Detached unit, but still offers more freedom to the dwellers and gives them an opportunity to almost live in the main building.

What granny flat types exist?

Before approaching the creation of a granny flat, it is essential to know what types of it you can build. Ultimately, you can choose from only several granny flats when ordering it. The company can build a Detached ADU (perfect for a family member who wants to live alone), an Attached ADU (your aging relatives will love it), or the interior of any existing room, like a garage, can be converted into a guest house or a granny flat (another great option for older relatives).

What are the reasons to order a granny flat?

Upon ordering a granny flat, you should answer the titular question for yourself. Some people like to become owners of new housing units, as they believe that in the future, it will bring them more money as the housing supply is never enough. Others think that a Detached or Attached granny flat will be a nice addition to the whole lot and this free space will house the tenants who also bring extra money. So, before embarking on the process of creating this granny flat, you should keep the answer in mind.

Valued Recognitions


Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What is an ADU?

ADU is an abbreviation for an accessory dwelling unit representing an additional secondary dwelling structure located close to the primary residence at the residential lot usually owned by one family. There are two main types of such structures, attached ADUs (resulting in the reconstruction of the existing inhouse space) and detached ADUs, which are the separate structures located on the premises territory. If you plan to build an ADU, you should find out the ADUs construction regulations established in your area. If the design of your attached or the detached ADUs conflicts with the design guidelines applicable for that of the primary residence, you won't be able to get the approval to perform the ADU building.

Can I cope with ADU construction myself?

ADU construction implies a lot of preparatory work. First of all, you should carefully learn the ADU building regulations established in your state. Secondly, the project design and all the cost calculations should be carried out. Thirdly, you must carry out the purchase of all the construction and decoration materials according to your cost estimate. Finally, the erection or reconstruction (in the case of the attached ADU) works should be performed. So, if you have enough expertise and experience in some areas of activity, you will be able to carry out the ADU all by yourself.

What is the price of ADU Construction?

The ADU construction costs are influenced by numerous factors, such as the type of your ADU (attached or detached), how many square feet your residential lot is, what size your potential ADU is planned to be, whether it will be a one-story or a two-story ADU, and many others. Generally, the ADU price tag can vary from 30 thousand to more than 300 thousand US dollars.

How long does it take to have the ADU built?

The average period of the new ADUs construction depends on whether you are going to erect a completely separated new accessory dwelling unit or reconstruct the already existing primary residential structure. As a rule, obtaining the building and reconstruction permits takes two weeks (the term may be increased in some cases), whereas the construction works themselves can take up to 4-To 6 months, depending on your ADU project
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