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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to common questions regarding our services and ADU construction.

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About Company Questions

As an ADU contractor are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Rest assured, all our services are backed by the necessary licenses, bonds, and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Do you offer financing options?

We provide a range of financing options for constructing additional dwelling units of any type. Our team collaborates with reputable lenders who are ready to assist you with your financing needs. Feel confident in exploring these options by giving us a call at (916) 277-8760. We are here to discuss the financing solutions tailored to your project.

Which locations do you serve?

Located in Sacramento, we serve the wider Sacramento area and have established a reputation as a trusted ADU contractor in Northern California. If you're uncertain whether your home falls within our service range, simply reach out to our office at (916) 277-8760. Our team will gladly confirm if we cover your area.

General Questions about ADU Construction

Can you provide a detailed estimate for the ADU project?

Every project is distinct, demanding a meticulous evaluation for a precise estimate. That's why we extend a complimentary in-home initial consultation, enabling us to delve into the intricacies of your project, gauge the extent of the work, and grasp your unique needs and financial plan. Following this consultation, our seasoned team will furnish you with the most comprehensive estimate available, encompassing expenses for materials, labor, permits, and any other pertinent costs. As a dependable ADU builder, our commitment lies in transparency and accuracy, ensuring our clients possess a crystal-clear comprehension of the financial aspects linked to their project.

Will you handle obtaining all the required permits and approvals for the project?

Certainly, as your dedicated ADU contractor, our skilled team is fully equipped to handle the entire process of obtaining the essential permits and approvals for your project. Recognizing the significance of adhering to local building codes and regulations, we proactively manage the entire permitting procedure on your behalf, ensuring a seamless and compliant construction journey. With our expertise, we stay abreast of the most recent regulations and collaborate closely with local authorities, guaranteeing efficient acquisition of all necessary permits and approvals. Your project is in capable hands.

Do you provide warranties or guarantees for your services?

We exclusively collaborate with vendors providing material warranties, and we back our work with our own warranties, demonstrating our confidence in the quality of our services. This ensures that the materials used in your ADU project are backed by dependable warranties, offering you enhanced confidence and security.

What makes you a trustworthy choice to construct my ADU?

We assure your satisfaction, and our team of experts consistently delivers exceptional results. We are with you at every stage, from design to choosing appliances, ensuring your vision comes to life seamlessly. With the finest professionals dedicated to your project, you can trust us to bring your ideas to fruition with unmatched expertise and commitment.

Do you offer garage conversion services?

Certainly, we provide comprehensive garage conversion services. Our team possesses extensive expertise in transforming garages into functional spaces, including home offices, entertainment rooms, additional living areas, and various other practical spaces. We specialize in tailoring these conversions to meet your specific requirements, adding significant value to your home. Feel free to reach out at (916) 277-8760 to arrange a consultation or to explore further details about our garage conversion offerings. Your ideal space transformation is just a call away.

Questions about the Process of an ADU Project

Who will supervise my project, and what will be the regularity of communication with me?

"Rest assured, your project will be overseen by a dedicated Project Manager and Construction Manager, collaborating seamlessly to ensure a seamless project delivery. We pride ourselves on our exceptional communication skills and prioritize keeping our clients fully informed at every stage of the project. You will have direct and convenient access to a personal chat with your project manager, allowing you to receive regular updates on your project's progress. Feel free to ask questions, address any concerns or discuss changes; our team is here to provide prompt and comprehensive responses. As a trusted ADU contractor in Northern California, we are dedicated to maintaining transparent communication channels with our clients and are unwavering in our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. Your peace of mind is our top priority."

Could you take me through the process of an ADU construction project, explaining each step in detail?

"Certainly! Here's a straightforward step-by-step guide for your ADU project: Virtual or In-Home Consultation: We start by understanding your goals, discussing your vision, preferences, and budget. Based on this, we create a detailed estimate and layout for your project, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your needs. Getting a quote: After the estimate and layout are finalized, we invite you to our showroom for a comprehensive review. We go over all the details to ensure everything meets your expectations. Contract Signing: Once you're satisfied with the estimate and layout, we proceed to sign a contract. Our team takes charge of the permitting process and all necessary preparations, ensuring a seamless transition to the construction phase. Construction: With permits in hand and all preparations complete, our skilled construction team steps in. They take over the construction process, allowing you to relax while we transform your vision into reality. Our objective is to simplify the remodeling journey, providing you with a stress-free experience from start to finish. You can trust us to handle every aspect of your project with confidence and expertise."

How do you provide updates on the project's progress to me?

"We recognize the significance of keeping our clients well-informed throughout the remodeling journey. To ensure seamless communication and offer regular progress updates, we utilize various communication avenues: Personal Oversight: Your remodeling project will be under the direct supervision of a dedicated Project Manager. This Manager serves as your main point of contact, available for face-to-face meetings to discuss progress, address concerns, answer questions, and provide on-site updates. Phone Calls and Chats: Moreover, you can easily reach out to your Project Manager and Construction Manager through phone calls and a private chat platform. This enables swift and convenient communication, allowing you to ask questions, share feedback, or discuss any changes or updates effortlessly. Rest assured, you won't have to manage your project independently or handle coordination with multiple parties. Our team ensures you're well-informed through personalized chats and clear communication, providing you with confidence and peace of mind."

What payment conditions apply to the construction of an ADU?

"Our payment terms for home remodeling projects are structured to offer clarity and convenience. Here's a breakdown of our typical payment plan: 1. Deposit: An initial deposit is necessary to secure your project and initiate the remodeling process. 2. Progress Payments: Throughout the project, we require progress payments at specific project milestones or phases. These payments align with the completion of significant stages of work, as outlined in the payment schedule. 3. Final Payment: The final payment becomes due upon the project's completion, ensuring all work meets your satisfaction. It is only requested once all adjustments and touch-ups have been addressed to your contentment. Our payment structure is meticulously crafted to be transparent and equitable, setting clear expectations and ensuring effective project management. A detailed payment schedule will be provided in your contract, and our team is committed to working closely with you, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free payment process. Your confidence and satisfaction are our priorities."

Which payment methods are accepted by your company?

We provide multiple payment options, such as cash, checks, and major credit cards. Additionally, we have convenient payment plans and financing solutions tailored to your budget, ensuring a seamless payment experience.

What is the expected timeframe for completing the construction of an ADU?

Usually, the comprehensive stages of custom ADU creation—ranging from design and permitting to actual construction—take around 4-6 months for preparation and 6-9 months for completion. It's noteworthy that certain counties have streamlined the process by offering pre-approved standard ADU plans (PRADU). With these pre-approved plans in place, the permitting duration can be shortened to as little as 2 months. Rest assured, the process is optimized to ensure efficiency and timely completion.

What is the price of constructing an ADU?

The total cost is influenced by numerous factors, including the specific conditions of your home/site, the type, style, and size of the addition, as well as your choice of finishing materials, among other considerations. Our primary objective extends beyond delivering an exceptional building product; it's about ensuring complete transparency and understanding throughout the entire process, right from the outset to its culmination. Following our initial discussion, we will present you with a preliminary estimate and collaborate closely to align it with your budgetary parameters. As a design-build firm, we oversee every aspect of the process - from the initial design and blueprints to the construction phase, inspections, and every detail in between. Rest assured, a dedicated project manager will stand by your side throughout the project, providing guidance and promptly addressing any inquiries you might have! Your confidence in our expertise is our utmost priority.

What is the maximum size allowed for an ADU?

The permissible size of an ADU varies depending on the county regulations, ranging from 800 square feet to 1200 square feet of habitable space. Additional areas like garages or sunrooms can be included within these square footages based on local guidelines.

What is a pre-approved ADU?

"A pre-approved ADU is a category of Detached ADU that has undergone thorough review and approval by the local jurisdiction's building or planning department. This implies that the design and specifications of the ADU have already been verified to comply with local building and zoning codes. This streamlined approval process significantly reduces potential delays, making it easier to obtain necessary permits. Opting for a pre-approved ADU can expedite the initiation of your project, ensuring a more efficient and hassle-free construction experience. Feel free to reach out today to discover the advantages of pre-approved ADUs and how they can enhance your property!"

In which areas do you construct pre-approved ADUs?

"We are presently constructing pre-approved ADUs in various locations, including Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Stockton, Winters, Nevada County, Placer County, and Yuba County. It's essential to be aware that new cities and counties are continuously incorporating pre-approved plans. If your area isn't mentioned, don't hesitate to reach out. We can check if there are plans under development or available in the upcoming phases. As skilled ADU builders, we are consistently enhancing our offerings to align with our customers' requirements. Feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss the ADU possibilities in your particular area."
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