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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Rosemont, California

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Accessory dwelling units became popular among California residents because of the many advantages of such constructions. Firstly, ADU construction is a solution to family problems when several generations live in one territory. It is more convenient to reside in a detached unit for the older or younger generation but still be close to the family members. Also, people use such units as a source of income as they can become an independent living space for renting out.

Regardless of your purpose, the ADUs bring many benefits and are worth considering.

ADU Rosemont, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

You may have seen in-law units which are also called granny flats, in the backyards of many houses in Rosemont, but have you thought about building such an ADU at your property? Of course, the construction of ADU is time-consuming and requires significant investments. However, if your budget allows you to place a new construction next to the primary residence, you should understand the process of ADU project planning and its building.

This review is devoted to the accessory dwelling units, their primary purposes, and the ways you can build them. Also, we will tell you more about contractors and their services related to the ADUs construction in Rosemont, CA.

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How ADU builder Rosemont, California can help you?

When you want to increase the value of your property and enlarge the existing space, you should think about the building of the additional unit. However, it is a complicated process that requires a total concentration on it and mastery in construction. Often people hire specialists to go through this process smoothly and do not make mistakes. Thus, ADU builders may help you in ADU construction and provide all necessary services.

To start with, you should determine the purpose of building an accessory dwelling unit and choose the type of construction based on your decision. Builders can offer you these four types of ADUs:

Any of these units can become a single-family home or just a living place for your guests. The cost of your ADU project also depends on the chosen type of the secondary unit because of the size of the constructed area and the difficulty of the construction process. Do not worry about the price of the ADU construction now because the builder can provide a free estimate for you. It will help you to understand if the project is affordable for your budget.

Additionally, the building company helps people interested in ADU construction to collect required state documents and perform the work according to the legal regulations. California state has its own laws related to the building of accessory dwelling units, so property owners should comply with them. However, it is difficult to comply with all regulations if you have a lack of experience in the construction sphere. That is why it is essential to use the services of a reliable construction company in Rosemont.

Check the website of ADU Builders California to get all the needed information about the new construction building at your property. Also, you can get advice from our specialists if you visit our office today.


How to hire an ADU service provider near me?

Accessory dwelling units construction is complicated. It requires concentration and knowledge in architecture and construction spheres. That is why hiring an ADU builder is the best idea to make your ADU functional and stylish. Also, it will prevent the problems that may appear because of mistakes in construction in the future.

We recommend homeowners choose the building company wisely as it will influence the quality of work in the end. Many builders are ready to offer you their services, but not all of them are experienced in this industry. Thus, you should pay attention to the main traits of the contractor and compare the offers before signing the contract.

Here are the factors that you should consider while choosing the building company:

ADU Builders California is well known in Sacramento county for its high quality of work and customer satisfaction. Hiring us, you do not need to worry about any legal problems and money because we adjust projects to our customers' needs. We will construct and register the accessory dwelling unit for you in Sacramento, following the state regulations and your desires.

Improve your house in Rosemont or other areas in Sacramento with ADU Builders California. We are interested in your satisfaction with our work, so we will do our best to create the best ADU at your property.

ADU building service provider in Rosemont

Complete ADU construction requires detailed planning and a lot of resources. If you want to build a comfortable ADU and use it as a single-family home or offer it at affordable rent for other people, you should treat this process seriously.

ADU Builders California service providers understand that it is difficult for any homeowner to build a new home in the backyard. That is why we are always ready to help you and implement your best ideas into the conversion of existing space or building of a new one. When we work on the construction of accessory dwelling units and create projects in Sacramento, we consider the opinion of our customers.

Nevertheless, you do not need to spend a lot of time on the ADU building when you hire us because our experience allows us to manage the process successfully. Here is the description of the ADU construction process:

We take our job responsibly, so no problems may appear during the project implementation. Our work complies with all requirements of the state. Moreover, we always finish the work on a set date so you can plan your housing.

ADU Builders California is an approved company, and it always operates in favor of customers. With us, you can construct a single-family house in Sacramento quickly at an affordable final cost. Come to our office in Rosemont as soon as possible to learn more details about ADU planning and housing and get free estimates.

Contact one of our offices in the Sacramento region today to start building the ADU without extra problems and expenses. ADU Builders California will construct the most functional and well-designed ADU next to your primary residence in several weeks to make your life in Rosemont more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How much does it cost to build an ADU in California?

Many factors can affect the final price of the ADU project and building. The most important characteristic that can allow you to estimate the cost of accessory dwelling unit construction is its size. On average, every square foot costs $250. However, the final price may vary from less than $100,000 to more than $200,000 based on your preferences and chosen design.

Do you need a permit for ADU in California?

Yes, it is obligatory to obtain a permit if you want to build a secondary unit. The permit obtained depends on the type of ADU you want to build. Also, you should collect additional documents to get permission for a unit building. Regulations require paying for necessary permits, and the price varies based on the chosen ADU type.

What are the requirements for an ADU in California?

California law determines the size of an ADU and its location. Firstly, the square of any secondary unit should be less than 800 feet with a maximum height of 18 feet. Furthermore, the minimum distance between your primary house and the ADU is ten feet while the distance from property lines should be no less than five feet. However, these rules may be changed according to the type of property zone.

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