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Terms & Сonditions

Custom ADU Design Concepts

Our website’s visuals and layouts are intended to inspire the design of your ADU. These images serve as a guide for envisioning your project, but they do not represent the exact design that will be executed. The final design details will be determined in consultation with our team.

Project Execution & Customization

All project specifications must be provided in writing to avoid misunderstandings. Unforeseen circumstances such as material availability or staff health may affect project timelines, and you will be promptly informed of any changes.
Specific installation requirements, like electrical or plumbing work, that are not declared before the commencement of construction may result in additional costs.
Coordination between various contractors and our team is essential for seamless execution. The customer and our team share the responsibility to ensure all materials and designs meet the agreed specifications before construction.

Appliance and Feature Integration in ADUs

If your ADU includes appliances or specific features, accurate details must be provided for proper integration. We cannot guarantee the suitability of appliances or features that were not specified in the initial plan.
For warranty claims, proof of purchase and details of the work performed by our company are required. Normal wear and environmental damage are not covered under our warranty.
Modifications made by the customer post-construction are their responsibility. For warranty-related issues, our team will inspect the ADU to determine the nature of the problem.
For more detailed information on project pricing, customization options, or additional services, please contact our customer service team. We are committed to assisting you throughout the ADU construction process.