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What are the three main associations that will arise in your mind if we ask you to describe a typical garage? Most likely, it will be dampness, low-functional use, and abandonment. First of all, we can explain this trend by the fact that people underestimate the possibilities of garage space, which, in actuality, can surpass that of the main house.

Today, every homeowner can create a new, energy-efficient, and aesthetic space on the site of an old garage that will meet all your requirements and is guaranteed to bring a lot of positive emotions. In addition, you will get enough space to effectively solve a variety of household tasks, from storing winter things to drying clothes outside the bathroom.

Nevertheless, like any renovation project, the garage conversion draft requires a professional approach, so you will need the services of a highly qualified general contractor. Today, we will tell you about such a company, present cool garage conversion ideas, and also highlight the main legal aspects that every property owner should know about.

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Garage Conversion: All About Construction & Legal Nuances

Behind every successful project, there is a lot of hidden work, and in the case of the construction industry, one of these components is obtaining building permits. During the creation of the garage conversion draft, much attention is paid to the design, material for garage floors, and all the stuff that concerns the appearance, up to the choice between French doors or glass sliders. However, non-compliance with local laws will negate all these points, as fines and bans may loom on the horizon. To avoid these unpleasant moments, you need to know the basic garage conversion building codes.

Here are the most important points to keep your eye on:

On the whole, all local requirements have one very insidious property, namely that they are constantly changing, so the process of obtaining garage conversion permits has every chance of turning into a loss of precious nerves and time.

Fortunately, the Adu Builders California team employs specialists who are not inferior in the mastery of the legal case to the heroes of the “Suits” series. They will help you understand all the nuances, take all the work with documentation into their own hands, and guarantee the successful receipt of all necessary permits.


Top-5 Garage Conversion Ideas

If, in the vast majority of cases, an attached ADU can serve one purpose, and a detached ADU has a maximum of two, then garage conversion is literally an endless ocean of options for all possible designs and configurations. If the homeowner decides to convert the garage into a multifunctional and modern living area, then he will have to go through more than a dozen variants.

Fortunately, you are reading this review, in which we have collected the top 5 most interesting and attractive options.

  1. Home sports gym

Every day on social media, we see a lot of videos about how crucial and necessary it is to do sports. However, very few people follow this advice. You may ask, why is this so? There are three important reasons. Firstly, there is a lack of square footage in habitable space. Secondly, if the area in the main house is, then the property owners use it for more practical purposes, e.g., as a storage space or as a new room for younger children. Finally, imagine that you spend 8 hours on hard work, and after that, you need to drive through traffic jams to the fitness center, do sports, and even more tired to go home. No one will like this prospect.

However, at this moment, a very entertaining garage conversion idea comes out on the scene, namely, to transform the existing structure into a home gym. Adu Builders California specialists analyzed and found out that the garage door is wide enough to fill the living space with natural light and fresh air, and air conditioning is very important for every athlete. Furthermore, the garage floor will withstand the installation of any exercise equipment, and the walls will not break under the weight of even such a structure as a Swedish wall.

The most important thing is that if you convert a garage into a home gym, you save money on gasoline and a subscription to a fitness center and also get the opportunity to instill a love of sports in your family. So, from all sides, this home improvement has only positive consequences, and the Adu Builders California team is ready to bring them to life at the highest level.

  1. Home theater

Since we mentioned the family, it’s time to describe the project that, among all garage conversion ideas, has the greatest positive impact on strengthening relationships, namely, a home theater. A unique feature of such a draft is that regardless of the layout of the living space, whether it’s a double garage with street parking or a small garage designed for a Nissan Juke, you can create a cozy and perfect space for family viewing of your favorite movies.

Spelling about construction work, we recommend paying special attention to insulation because watching movies in the cold garage can turn into a flu and a spoiled mood. Adu Builders California specialists will prompt you with the most profitable way to install underfloor heating, and designers will present stylish solutions for organizing the sitting area, the general interior, and various decorative elements. Overall, by converting your garage into a home cinema, you will get a lot of positive emotions and have a great time with your family.

  1. Guest accommodation house

Every homeowner is familiar with the cinematic situation when a lot of relatives and guests come for the weekend, and the day turns out so well that everyone wants to stay the night. At this point, a property owner understands that there is not enough room in the main house, so he has to look for uncomfortable ways of accommodation. If you are familiar with this scenario, then think about the garage conversion idea for creating a guest house, and experts from Adu Builders California will help you pick the best option.

For example, if we are talking about small space, then it can be one bedroom with special transformer furniture to save square feet, and if the existing space is large enough, then our specialists can convert your garage into a full-fledged residential unit with all amenities and an HVAC system. As a result, you will accommodate all guests with full comfort and preservation of personal boundaries.

  1. Additional room

Up to this point, we have discussed entertainment garage conversion ideas. However, new living space can serve practical household purposes. Such real-life projects are very diverse, e.g., from the old garage, you can create a laundry room, which is necessary for every large family, a sleeping area with a shower room if your children have grown up and need personal space and queues for the bathroom in the morning are tired of everyone, or a very spacious pantry where you can equip a home library with extra storage space for rarely used items.

As you can see, a converted garage can simultaneously solve many everyday problems and simplify most routine tasks.

  1. Home office

This garage conversion idea is the cherished dream of every resident of a multi-story building who works remotely because no matter how thick the concrete slab is, it will let sound into the room and destroy concentration. Nevertheless, if you have a garage and work online, then there is no better chance of a livable space than creating a home office. The most alluring thing about this project is that you can customize every detail. Adu Builders California will assist you in this matter, e.g., pick up a silent floor covering, conduct modern sound insulation, add clerestory windows to gain inspiration from landscapes or install a foosball table or pool table to relax during breaks. In general, by converting a garage into a room for remote work, you create all the conditions for the most effective job performance.

Of course, the list of garage remodel projects does not end at these five positions. The Adu Builders California company can offer you many other options, e.g., masters can realize an art studio draft, a modern and spacious dining space, or a storage shed for outdoor equipment storage, like a lawn mower or a sawdust machine.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How much does it cost to implement a garage conversion project?

Garage conversion project cost cannot be measured by one specific number because drafts vary in scale and complexity. However, we can say that the final price will be lower than the construction of a detached ADU because often the main house shares one common wall with a garage, most of the costs go only to the materials, and the implementation period does not exceed several months.

Can you name the five main advantages of garage conversions?

By converting your garage into a new area, you get more living space for household needs, boost the value of the entire property, can comfortably accommodate guests, have fun with family, and upgrade the quality of life quality, which will become noticeable after a couple of days of operation.

Which garage conversion ideas are the most in-demand?

Garage conversion ideas such as a home gym, a functional home office, and a cozy home cinema are in the trends of the last half of the year. Furthermore, such a garage conversion idea as creating a place for a hobby deserves special attention because you get your own space for art and self-development.

Which construction company is the priority choice for the successful realization of a garage conversion?

Adu Builders California is the undisputed number one if you are looking for a general contractor. This team is engaged in the reconstruction of various living spaces, including garages, always works efficiently and on time, and takes care of customer preferences. The garage conversion costs are significantly reduced in the case of interaction with Adu Builders California, thanks to the honest monetary policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What is an ADU?

ADU is an abbreviation for an accessory dwelling unit representing an additional secondary dwelling structure located close to the primary residence at the residential lot usually owned by one family. There are two main types of such structures, attached ADUs (resulting in the reconstruction of the existing inhouse space) and detached ADUs, which are the separate structures located on the premises territory. If you plan to build an ADU, you should find out the ADUs construction regulations established in your area. If the design of your attached or the detached ADUs conflicts with the design guidelines applicable for that of the primary residence, you won't be able to get the approval to perform the ADU building.

Can I cope with ADU construction myself?

ADU construction implies a lot of preparatory work. First of all, you should carefully learn the ADU building regulations established in your state. Secondly, the project design and all the cost calculations should be carried out. Thirdly, you must carry out the purchase of all the construction and decoration materials according to your cost estimate. Finally, the erection or reconstruction (in the case of the attached ADU) works should be performed. So, if you have enough expertise and experience in some areas of activity, you will be able to carry out the ADU all by yourself.

What is the price of ADU Construction?

The ADU construction costs are influenced by numerous factors, such as the type of your ADU (attached or detached), how many square feet your residential lot is, what size your potential ADU is planned to be, whether it will be a one-story or a two-story ADU, and many others. Generally, the ADU price tag can vary from 30 thousand to more than 300 thousand US dollars.

How long does it take to have the ADU built?

The average period of the new ADUs construction depends on whether you are going to erect a completely separated new accessory dwelling unit or reconstruct the already existing primary residential structure. As a rule, obtaining the building and reconstruction permits takes two weeks (the term may be increased in some cases), whereas the construction works themselves can take up to 4-To 6 months, depending on your ADU project
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