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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Rocklin, California

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An accessory dwelling unit is a tiny building that functions as an extension of the main residence or is located near it. The first variation of the extension is called junior accessory dwelling units. Some of them only consist of one additional room used for guests, while others include a kitchen and bathroom as well.

You might also come across other names of ADUs, such as in-law units or granny flats. The latter name became known because of the popular way of using such buildings. Many people dream of relocating their elderly parents to Placer County but might not find enough funds in their wallets to buy an individual house and plot. It is also possible to build a so-called converted ADU, which is rebuilt from an old barn or garage. This is probably the cheapest way to produce a space with independent living facilities located near your house.

Do you own a single-family residence in the Rocklin area? Are you interested in growing and improving it? We recommend building a junior (attached) or detached dwelling unit.

Keep reading this article to explore something new in state law that regulates the rules for the construction of additional premises near the house, learn how to complete new home construction as soon as possible, and get some free tips on the way to discover the best team of assistants who will solve a full list of your problems based on construction and official registration.

ADU Rocklin, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

A little above, we mentioned the possibility to choose among several types of extensions located on the land plot that you already own: a converted or junior accessory dwelling unit, an attached or detached ADU. However, you might ask: Why should I build accessory dwelling units in Placer County?

Lack of interest in ADU means ignorance of the many advantages that these small structures can offer. Here we will show you several reasons that will not leave you indifferent to ADUs!

1. Create more places to host a lot of guests

Since the construction of ADUs became popular, people's lives have become much easier. Problems in finding housing and the inability to buy a separate plot due to too high prices in California were solved. One day there comes a time when every family needs extra space at their residence. Perhaps you have a few children or siblings who often visit your house.

Visitor accommodation is a popular problem. Everyone needs to show hospitality and receive as many relatives and friends as possible. Besides, it is great to spend time with loved ones who live far away. However, owners of tiny houses and large families often miss enough space at home. With the advent of an ADU on your site, your single-family home will transform into a super multi-family space where several more people can be comfortably accommodated.

2. Plan an individual building at one design

One more indisputable advantage of the accessory dwelling unit is the opportunity to organize the building yourself as you wish. Perhaps you managed to do repairs in your main house based on some particular style in interior design. Thereafter you can safely contact the general contractor and licensed designers with a question about repeating the same architectural style in a smaller area.

This way it will not be necessary to start a repair in a new house bought from previous owners. It is a very unique opportunity to contrive a project from scratch and immediately bring it closer to your tastes.

3. Save on buying an individual house

For most people, the most important advantage of an ADU in their location is the low price compared to new full-fledged home construction. Indeed, in Rocklin, as in the whole state of California, there you can find really expensive houses and plots. Even buying an apartment downtown can be an impossible task for most people who do not earn too much. Moreover, there is a problem of demand mismatch with supply. Lots of homeowners dream about moving to California, so sometimes there are no offers of a new house.

A small accessory structure can become a new home for one person or a married couple. Often families owning a separate plot offer their elderly parents to live nearby in such a small house. Such a move will not cost very much, but at the same time, all the necessary amenities and comfortable living conditions will be provided. In addition, children will not bother elderly parents.

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How ADU Builder Rocklin, California, Can Help You?

Have you become interested in the construction of an accessory dwelling unit on your land plot? Want to know all the details and specific information that will help you complete the project? Then you should contact a team of professionals.

The ADU Builders California company has been providing home construction and renovation services in Rocklin for many years. We have completed dozens of projects for the construction of attached and detached accessory housing units in this location, so residents trust us with any project, even with the most responsible work.

What exactly do we offer to each property owner who wants to build new construction on their land plot?

1. Fulfillment of promises and high level of service

We are proud of the quality of the services we provide. We do not like to make empty promises, so you can see how many successful projects we have completed ourselves. Visit our website and view the portfolio of projects. Improving living conditions in multi-family properties is just one of the areas in which our team is developing. Due to the many years of experience and high qualifications of all team members, the construction of attached and detached ADUs is an easy task for the ADU Builders California company.

2. Facilitate the procedure of registration of documents

Even though the construction of ADUs can be quite easy for experienced workers, the difficulty lies in the correct legal registration of a new building in Placer County. Before starting construction, it is necessary to study all the requirements according to state law. But when you contact the general contractor, you can absolve yourself of responsibility for studying the laws.

How to Hire an ADU Service Provider Near me?

Are you looking for a company in West Sacramento that complies with the Placer County development standards? The ADU Builders California company can build any type of ADU (an attached ADU or a junior ADU, for instance).

Let us familiarize you with some basic steps on the way to a new construction.

  1. Meet with a staff member to get acquainted with some basic information. For example, find out converted or junior ADUs allowed on your site can be built. You will also talk about the new home construction maximum height, setback requirements, and the set distance to the property line;
  2. Then let our architects develop and coordinate the project. At the same time, representatives of the building division can evaluate future work. This is not a rough estimate but an exact amount calculated to a single dollar;
  3. When everything is agreed upon with the property owners and official permits are obtained, the construction process can be started.

ADU Building Service Provider in Rocklin

Although you can contact the ADU Builders California company for professionals to take over the construction and execution of legal documents, you as a homeowner should be familiar with several basic requirements in Rocklin.

Here is a brief description of all the requirements that you need to be aware of.

Keep in mind that an ADU can only be built in a residential area where at least one single-family residence has already been built. Check the legal status of the zone in which you are going to build your ADU and prepare a detailed plan. This project must be approved by the community development director. After that, you can get a building permit.

Regarding the requirements that ADUs must meet, they are quite simple. For example, there is no minimum lot size that is suitable for the construction of an ADU. There are also no fire safety and fire protection requirements. In addition, you can have only one parking space for your original home and additional construction. The building itself can be up to 500 square feet in size.

If your site meets the requirements described above, then you will be able to contact the Advances Remodeling company right now so that the building division can start working as early as possible. We promise that we will complete the project on time, and you will be able to enjoy the convenience and quality of an ADU built on your site for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How much does an ADU permit cost in California?

The price of ADU unit permits, of course, depends not only on the state but also on the county and city. The price tag in Los Angeles can reach up to eight thousand dollars.

Is there a minimum size for an ADU in California?

The smallest accepted size for an accessory dwelling unit is 150 square feet. Do not forget that the size decision should be made following your needs and the variety of structures. For example, junior accessory dwelling units may give quite small extensions to the house. But detached accessory dwelling units can reach up to five hundred square feet.

Do you need a permit for ADU in California?

Depending on the state law, it is very important to have a building permit to construct all types of accessory structures. Property owners might want to contact us to simplify their lives and fill out building permits quickly for an attached or detached unit built on the same lot.

How much does it cost to build a detached ADU in California?

It is impossible to predict the cost of building an accessory dwelling unit on the base of an existing primary residence in West Sacramento. A building division usually indicates the total cost depending on your case and needs. Ask for a free estimate to know the price in advance.

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