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ADUs as a Solution for Affordable Housing

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Adus As A Solution For Affordable Housing

Without any doubt, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have started a revolution in the world of housing solutions. Every year more and more homeowners decide to have one on their lot, and it doesn't seem that something will put an end to this fashion trend. Moreover, it can see substantial growth because of housing shortages in America. This problem worries many people from the lower and middle classes. But why have ADUs found their place in the hearts and on the lots of so many homeowners?

For sure, they possess a serious number of benefits, including the possibility to generate rental income or the increase in property values because of the sole presence of the units, but there is a serious advantage that puts accessory dwelling units to another level, and it is their affordability. Instead of looking for a lot in another city or state, buying it, and later building a new house there, you can simply order an ADU project and have a cheap rental unit in addition to the existing structure in the course of several months only.

With the ambition to solve the housing crisis in Los Angeles, other California cities, or the whole of America, ADU construction is a great option to invest in the future. Read this article to find out why accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are a great solution for affordable housing.

ADUs as a cost-effective alternative to traditional housing options

Hardly can you imagine anything in modern America when you pronounce "cost-effective housing units." And if you don't want to live in an apartment complex where you will hear every sneeze of your neighbors, accessory dwelling units are the perfect solution for your problems.

While building ADUs, you will economize on many things, including the materials cost or ADU projects' cost. Moreover, as we can tell from our experience, the utility and maintenance costs are much lower too. Moreover, after you have built the unit, you will be able to pay it off if you rent ADUs. Your tenants will pay you, and you can do with the money anything you want, including the investment into other ADUs. Lastly, the ADU in the backyard will be a serious argument towards increasing the price once you decide to sell the lot with your house.

Enough food for thought? We hope so. But don't rush and start ordering a project from the nearest general contractor; we have a lot to tell you.

ADUs as a way to increase the supply of affordable housing in high-demand areas

For sure, if you want to make money on ADUs, it is better to build residential units where the affordable housing crisis is at its peak, i.e., in the areas where the housing supply is short, and people want to find a place to live peacefully. Having an ADU next to your main house means that you will fight the housing shortage even if you don't want it and simply look for an opportunity to make money.

Your choice of building an ADU will help both young adults and seniors looking for free space in your area. As for the first group, they simply cannot yet afford their own housing in these trying times, while the second group wishes to age in place and not be a burden to their relatives. So, your accessory dwelling unit will be extremely helpful for the whole community.

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The potential for ADUs to address the housing crisis in urban areas

There are many benefits to ADU development in urban areas, but one of the most important ones is addressing the housing crisis, which has been on the rise recently. Let's take a look at what way granny flats can help.

Efficient land use

There is no doubt that you have some unused land in your backyard. In order to contribute to community development, you could transform this priceless land into an opportunity for a better life for many people. Even a single-family home will make a difference now.

Multigenerational housing

Dwellers who choose an ADU, if they find it comfortable, can live there for many years or even generations. Why would you leave the place if it is near your job or here you have easy access to everything you need? Moreover, after the family changes the house, their elderly parents can move in and take their place.

Housing density

ADU production requires taking free land, and the unit itself will increase the density significantly, which means that more people will have access to the area where you live. Isn't that great that with your affordable housing, you will give an opportunity for more people to live and work?

The benefits of ADUs for multigenerational families seeking affordable housing options

By choosing an ADU, every single family can decrease their housing costs significantly. However, an ADU permits many other benefits for those who choose it, especially multigenerational families looking for more affordable rentals.

The benefits of smaller units for these families are:

  1. Space and privacy
  2. Flexibility
  3. Security
  4. Affordability

All in all, affordable units are a great way to live and enjoy the city to the full. You won't be insecure about your living space; you will be able to transform it in any way you want, it is possible to change them in any way you want, and all this is taking the low cost into consideration. We think it is a dream opportunity for everyone!

The role of ADUs in providing affordable housing for low-income individuals and families

Affordable homes are like beasts on the brink of extinction — you hardly can see them in modern cities. In this case, ADUs are the saviors who can bring peace to all sides of the conflict. Lower-income homeowners can earn rental income from the units they rent to the individuals. But their role is not only these moments.

ADUs can help in the following ways too:

To conclude, there is no doubt that ADUs are the best option for low-income individuals and families in terms of housing. Amidst the affordable housing crisis, it is high time that you paid attention to these apartments.

The impact of ADUs on local communities and neighborhoods

Regular homeowners and local governments encourage ADU development, but more housing units carry not only benefits but some drawbacks too. Let us take a closer look at both sides of this ADU craze.


The positive ways of influencing the local communities and neighbors by ADUs are:

  1. Affordability

The more square footage is created by new ADUs, the lower the prices are. This leads to the situation when more people can buy these lots; it becomes affordable for them to do so.

  1. Family ties

If an ADU stands next to your primary home, you can accommodate your parents or kids there. Living nearby, you will see and help each other more often, which leads to strengthen family ties.

  1. Public transportation

Yes, there will be fewer parking sports, but this can promote eco-friendly initiatives in your city. More people will use public transport and the city officials will invest more in its development, making our streets greener.


However, if we look at the situation from another angle, there are certain risks concerning the rising increase in ADU buildings. Here they are:

  1. Density

The development of accessory dwellings leads to a decrease in existing space, which can provoke an increase in housing density. Multiple families will have to live in a single neighborhood or location, which can hardly be named a comfortable situation for the family members.

  1. Traffic

With more dwellers living in one city, the traffic will inevitably increase. This will lead to excessive noise pollution as well as commotion.

  1. Parking

One of the main aspects of the quality of life in the city is the availability of parking lots. Every additional dwelling unit will decrease the number of free parking spots, which will affect the mood of citizens.

The potential for ADUs to reduce homelessness and housing insecurity

Surprisingly, ADUs can solve many other community problems apart from the ones mentioned before, and one such problem is homelessness. First and foremost, ADUs are the most affordable housing option on the market, which makes them a great choice for people without their own homes. With the help and financial support from the government, they will be able to rent a unit to live there.

Moreover, homeless people are not used to living in the community, and ADUs are a perfect chance for them to get integrated into the neighborhood. This will not only help these people but also improve the area by eliminating the homeless, making them regular people.

The challenges and barriers to implementing ADUs as a solution for affordable housing

So, you have decided to have a unit in your backyard and are ready to implement one right now. That's great, but wait a second, as we have to tell you about a certain thing to think over: the challenges and barriers. Yes, you have heard this right; there are certain elements that can hinder your path to secondary dwellings.

Your main concerns should be connected with the following:

You can find out more about the mentioned points on the Internet or read about them in the reviews of people who have already faced ADU construction on the lot. Nevertheless, we are sure that those who truly want a unit will obtain one soon.

The role of government policies and incentives in promoting ADUs as a solution for affordable housing

The government officials and people in charge can help homeowners sell an ADU in many ways. For example, they can introduce new laws to destroy regulatory barriers or change the old ones and transform some building codes or make changes with maximum ADU size. Or they can educate people on the benefits of ADUs so more individuals would build ADUs and transform their communities with new housing units.

ADU regulations are subject to change, but obviously, no one will start prohibiting ADUs, at least we hope so, which makes any intervention into the housing stock great news for you. Nevertheless, it is better to obtain your own ADU now to make it work for you in the near future.

The future of ADUs as a sustainable and affordable housing solution.

Adus As A Solution For Affordable Housing

But what about the future of ADUs? Well, we are not prophets, but there are some predictions that the unit will become more and more sustainable and affordable, and this relies on many factors.

First, the technology doesn't stay in one place; they develop, which leads to a decrease in construction cost as well as certain materials becoming more qualitative. Next, as our population tends to age, ADUs seem like a perfect chance to organize their lives in the community.

Moreover, both detached ADUs and attached ADUs are crucial to an eco-friendly future. People who use them have a smaller carbon footprint and tend to waste less energy and water.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Where have you built ADUs?

Our company has constructed ADUs all over California, including places like San Diego, Los Angeles, and many other smaller towns. Before commencing the job, we research the info about the area and find out about the legislature in the town to create plans and not violate any of them. So, entrusting your ADU to us is a great idea anyway.

What laws have to be considered before you commence the construction?

The exact laws vary from state to state, but normally there are certain moments that cannot be violated. For example, when you build ADUs, you can have only one on the same lot. The number of square feet is fixed and cannot be exceeded, and detached units cannot be higher than the primary dwelling.

What units can be built?

The choice of units is the choice of the homeowners. From our side, we can create single-family homes in the form of detached or attached ADUs, as well as garage apartments transformed from a garage you don't use. Depending on the square feet, we can also make any room in your single-family homes into an ADU for the family members. No matter what choice you make, any of them will significantly improve the overall housing stock.

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