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Best American Food Eateries in Roseville, CA

People go on a trip for various reasons. Someone wants to learn the language and learn more about the culture of the country where they are going. And someone likes to travel to different countries to attend sports events or try the traditional cuisine of indigenous peoples and nations.

California is one of the most amazing and enjoyable states to travel to. An integral part of the trip will be acquaintance with American cuisine. We will tell you about the 10 best American restaurants in Roseville, California. We hope that our selection will help you, and you will spend time with pleasure and appetite.

1. Yard House

Best American Food Eateries In Roseville, Ca

Our top opens a special sports bar Yard House on 1166 Roseville Pkwy Bldg E, and it is unusual for several reasons. Firstly, there is a huge selection on the menu, from common nachos and burgers to vampire tacos and rib-eye steaks. You don't expect to find such dishes in a bar. In addition, the owners offer customers a children's menu, numerous desserts, and even solutions for people who are allergic to gluten! Secondly, the establishment offers a variety of alcoholic beverages, cocktails, and refreshing soft drinks.

In addition, we must say that the Yard House is located in a very excellent location—the very center of Roseville. The bar can be reached by public transport and on foot from almost anywhere in the city. This is a very important advantage of a sports bar that attracts a large audience for a very long time.

2. BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

Best American Food Eateries In Roseville, Ca

The next object of our attention will be BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse at 1200 Roseville Pkwy. This is one of the best restaurants for lunch and dinner with your family in this city. The owners offer their customers family meal deals. Moreover, the restaurant provides a special promotion: visitors can make their pizza. They need to choose several ingredients and the chefs will make them immediately.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse constantly encourages its regular guests and offers them membership in the Club. If you join the club, you will be able to get discounts on meals, 10% cashback, increased beer pint size, and exclusive beer every month. You should visit this restaurant.

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3. The Cheesecake Factory

Best American Food Eateries In Roseville, Ca

If earlier we mentioned restaurants that do not have a signature dish or a unique line of meals, then The Cheesecake Factory at 1127 Galleria Blvd is an exception from the list. Of course, the restaurant offers guests several types of salads, appetizers, pizza, snacks, and steaks. However, the main feature of The Cheesecake Factory is in its name. The establishment offers its customers more than 30 cheesecakes and desserts!

In addition, the restaurant provides extra portions of sweets and some dishes for large companies. You can order a 10-inch cheesecake and unique pies for a big company at a discount. The factory also offers gift cards for going to a restaurant. The balance can be checked on the official website.

4. In-N-Out Burger

Best American Food Eateries In Roseville, Ca

Burgers are an ageless classic dish of American cuisine. The In-N-Out Burger at 1803 Taylor Rd continues the tradition of hamburgers and cheeseburgers since 1948. This restaurant specializes only in burgers and offers several types at once. For example, you can try a Triple Triple with three lush beef patties or a burger with four pieces of meat!

In-N-Out continues to surprise its guests and offers them a protein burger with a lettuce leaf instead of a bun and a burger with two melted pieces of American cheese. The owners also sell merchandise with the attributes of the restaurant. Welcome to the world of burgers!

5. The Monk’s Cellar

Best American Food Eateries In Roseville, Ca

Everyone who visited the Monk's Cellar at 240 Vernon St had the impression that they had visited a medieval tavern. Wooden furniture, a cozy interior, and the bright room immerse you in the atmosphere of the restaurant. Guests can enjoy a wide selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. In addition to the usual dishes, the Monk's Cellar offers guests unique food: a Scottish egg, a Monk’s burger, Ruben fries, and a Craftsman (this is a grilled chicken thigh with melted cheese and a special sauce).

The regulars of this tavern mention that various events always take place here, for example, Taco Tuesday. The final addition to the atmosphere was the large brewery tanks behind the glass. The guests are visiting the monk’s brotherhood, aren’t they?

6. Four Sisters Café

Best American Food Eateries In Roseville, Ca

Four Sisters Café at 9050 Fairway Suite 165 is one of the best restaurants to have breakfast or lunch. The café offers customers two types of menus for breakfast and lunch, respectively. If you decide to have a snack in the morning before work, then don't arrive late! You will be offered a very large number of dishes: freshly baked waffles and muffins, pieces of bacon and grilled chicken together with scrambled eggs or omelet, hot pancakes, and toast. During lunch, guests can count on burgers, salads, soups, and lots of sandwiches.

The cherry on the cake from the Four Sisters will be combo dinners and a large selection of drinks (coffee, cold and hot tea, freshly squeezed lemonade, and a few more). Hurry up, because numerous regulars and newcomers want to try dishes from the Sisters!

7. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Best American Food Eateries In Roseville, Ca

Ruth's Chris Steak House is a classic American steak restaurant with an impressive assortment of dishes, wines, and excellent service. Distinctive features of this establishment at 1185 Galleria Blvd Suite P-120 are an attractive interior, signature steaks, a user-friendly website interface, and friendly staff. Here you will not only cook a high-quality roast steak but also tell you about the origin of its name, how it was made and how to cook it at home. The staff will always tell you which wine is best suited to a particular steak.

Steak House regularly offers its guests seasonal drinks and dishes. In addition, we can say that Ruth's Chris cares about its customers and offers a vegetarian menu and gluten-free meals. The restaurant is constantly developing and adding homemade cocktails, masterpieces from the chef, and unusual desserts. Plunge into the world of Rib-eye, Filet, and Cowboy steaks!

8. Brookfields Restaurant

Best American Food Eateries In Roseville, Ca

Although Brookfields Restaurant has only 3 branches in California, including in Roseville at 1817 Taylor Rd, it has already won the hearts of many visitors. Classic American cuisine is combined with daily promotions in the institution. Every day of the week you can try a special dish and soup of the day. You can get acquainted with the features of the promo campaign on the official website of the restaurant. Brookfields Restaurant offers customers a variety of food categories: apéritifs, breakfast, lunch and dinner, children's menu, and family meals.

The owners of the restaurant provide a popular “Happy Hour” promotion. For 4 hours from 2 pm to 6 pm, visitors can buy beer for just $1 and choose dishes at a discount from the menu list. You will be offered nachos, burgers, street tacos, sweet potato fries, and much more. Enjoy American cuisine at any time of the day with your family and Brookfields Restaurant!

9. Tahoe Joe’s Steakhouse

Best American Food Eateries In Roseville, Ca

Ruth's Chris Steak House has a very serious and promising competitor! This is the Tahoe Joe's – SteakHouse, named after Lake Tahoe near Roseville. The restaurant offers guests an extensive menu with several interesting categories. Here we can see common apéritifs, salads, drinks, and entrées. Moreover, the institution offers branded Joe's steak and Joe ribeye. The most attractive category on the menu is Emerald Bay Favorites (named after the bay of Lake Tahoe).

The range includes the following outlets:

Thus, Tahoe Joes differs from other steak houses by adding to the assortment of unique seafood cuisine and themed dishes of Lake Tahoe. It is worth visiting this place to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a lake resort.

10. Paul Martin’s American Grill

Best American Food Eateries In Roseville, Ca

Let's finish our top with a classic American cuisine restaurant—Paul Martin's American Grill at 1455 Eureka Rd. Here you will see the already familiar "Happy Hour" promotion, a wide selection of drinks. The restaurant offers apéritifs, sandwiches, a kids' menu, and of course family food. You can always purchase a gift card for your friends and acquaintances.

The main feature of the restaurant is group lunches and dinners, as well as a pleasant and cozy interior. Visit the user-friendly website and reserve a table for any time!

There are many American restaurants in Roseville. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best one, but we hope that our top helped you make it. The choice depends on many things: meals, restaurant atmosphere, staff, location availability, and much more. However, we believe that you will find something new and interesting after reading the article.

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