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Top Italian restaurants in Roseville, CA

Top Italian Restaurants In Roseville, Ca

Italian cuisine is the only universal cuisine in the world because regardless of gastronomic preferences, on the Italian menu, you will always find what you will like. The dishes of Italian cuisine are quite simple; however, they are very satisfying, juicy, and fragrant and have a centuries-old history. Italian meals such as Spaghetti, pizza, Lasagna, or frittata can be ordered in almost every restaurant, from the most elite with five Michelin stars to a simple eatery. Nevertheless, you can experience the whole flavor of Italian cuisine only in establishments that specialize in it.

If you are going to visit Roseville, then you will have such a chance because several of the best Italian restaurants are located in this city. You definitely need to attend at least one to get unforgettable gastronomic pleasure and enjoyment. Be sure that these restaurants will always remain in your heart, and you will want to call on them one more time.

In this review, we will tell you about the top seven Italian restaurants in Roseville and discuss their history and their main positions on the menu.

Best Italian Restaurants for Roseville residents and guests

Let us have a closer look at some of the most wanted Italian cuisine diners around Roseville, CA.

1. The Old Spaghetti Factory

Top Italian Restaurants In Roseville, Ca

The history of the existence of this family restaurant began more than 50 years ago, namely in 1969. From the first day of operation to now, the restaurant retains an impeccable reputation as a place with the best service and quality food. A distinctive feature of "The Old Spaghetti Factory" is that the dishes are served here not separately but as part of sets. For example, the most popular offer is a combination of three dishes, namely, salad or soup, the main hot dish, and dessert.

The restaurant also offers special promotions for visitors, such as "Happy Hour," when you can order certain meals at a discount, as well as use the delivery services and the opportunity to dine outdoors. Cooks of "The Old Spaghetti Factory" use only natural products that do not contain preservatives, GMOs, and various chemical additives. Each dish is cooked according to homemade recipes without fast food templates.

The restaurant specializes in cooking pasta, so most often, visitors order Spinach and Cheese Ravioli, Spaghetti Vesuvius, and Pasta Classics with Marinara. However, no less popular are such exquisite and delicious dishes as Rich Meat and Alfredo Sauce, Spinach Tortellini with Alfredo Sauce, or Fettuccine Alfredo.

Along with excellent cuisine, one of the features of the restaurant is an authentic and family atmosphere. So if you want to try real Italian pasta in a cozy restaurant, then "The Old Spaghetti Factory" is your pick for the coming evening.

2. Restaurant Buca Di Beppo

Top Italian Restaurants In Roseville, Ca

This place is a little younger than the previous one since it was founded in 1993; however, it is also thoroughly imbued with the Italian spirit and atmosphere. Regular visitors note several points for which they appreciate the restaurant, in addition to the delicious cuisine.

This list includes:

Regarding the food, "Buca Di Beppo" has three signature dishes that every guest should try, namely Spaghetti with meatballs, Chicken Parmigiana, and Lasagna. In addition, local chefs are considered masters in the preparation of Linguine Frutti Di Mare, Spicy Chicken Rigatoni, Tortellini Bianca, Shrimp Fra Diavolo & Short Rib Orecchiette.

In addition to everything, the restaurant has vegetarian dishes, so if you come here with friends, then everyone will find what they like on the menu.

3. The Place

Top Italian Restaurants In Roseville, Ca

This restaurant with a very simple name has extremely unusual dishes and drinks in its arsenal. Every weekend (from Friday to Sunday), visitors have the opportunity to test a unique drink card, which includes cocktails such as branded limoncello, ginger ale, or cherry brandy. A lot of combinations were invented by the owners of the restaurant, so you can not find them anywhere except in "The Place." However, the consumption of these cocktails would be incomplete without an appropriate atmosphere, so every day, you can listen to live music on the piano, guitar, and other instruments.

In the aspect of food, guests appreciate this place most of all for the fact that the chefs do not use frozen semi-finished products, and each dish is made from fresh ingredients. Each item on the menu is perfectly thought out in terms of creating the best flavor combinations. The top dishes that a guest of "The Place" should try at least once are Almond Pesto Di Limone, Papa's Rice Pot, Porchetta E Cipolla, and Trio and Quattro Formaggio.

If you have already tried Italian cuisine and are in search of something new and unusual, then this restaurant is your choice because there is always something that can surprise you.

4. Riverside Pizzeria

Top Italian Restaurants In Roseville, Ca

We've already mentioned pasta and Lasagna, but we haven't said anything about pizza. It's time to fix this flaw. Among the many pizzerias, "Riverside Pizzeria" stands out according to a large number of connoisseurs of this dish. This place has several strong competitive advantages. Firstly, regardless of the menu, you can always taste your favorite pizza at "Riverside Pizzeria" because here, you can choose any combination of ingredients from more than 20 positions.

Secondly, chefs use thick dough, which makes the pizza so juicy and meaty that you will eat it completely without leaving edges. Thirdly, "Riverside Pizzeria" is suitable for large companies and parties because it is a fairly spacious restaurant, and the skill of the cooks allows them to put several pizzas on the table in the shortest possible time without a long wait.

Finally, in addition to pizza in the restaurant, you can order snacks, for example, French fries, chicken, or cheese sticks. At the same time, visitors note that, unlike chain outlets, "Riverside Pizzeria" always adds a lot of sauce to these snacks.

Overall, if you want to eat real Italian pizza alone or with family, friends, or with a loved one, then the doors of "Riverside Pizzeria" are always open for you.

5. Olive Garden Restaurant

Top Italian Restaurants In Roseville, Ca

This is the best restaurant in terms of service quality. All guests who visit this place note that the local waiters are always courteous, ready to advise the best dishes, and describe the ingredients of each position on the menu. In the "Olive Garden," you can also talk with the head chef or the cook who prepared the meal that was served to you to express admiration or ask questions.

Another feature of the restaurant that you will not find anywhere else is the offer of "unlimited soup." The bottom line is that on a certain day and for specific soups, the restaurant applies for promotion, according to which you can ask for supplements an infinite number of times after the first order. It is beneficial for a group of friends; for example, if you come with four, you can order four different soups and then ask for supplements and swap that each person has tried all four types.

In addition to soups, regular guests of the restaurant greatly praise salads, which are always made from fresh and juicy vegetables and seasoned with exquisite types of olive oils. However, the main dishes are not inferior to soups and salads, especially when it comes to the signature meal Chicken Marsala.

On the whole, "Olive Garden" is the perfect place for a family dinner or a date. This is the best restaurant where you can spend an unforgettable evening in a pleasant atmosphere and eat delicious Italian food.

6. Tomatina

Top Italian Restaurants In Roseville, Ca

If you are looking for a place that is perfectly balanced in all respects, then "Tomatina" should be on your shortlist. This restaurant is famous for the excellent quality of service, when, for example, the waiter pours you a glass of fresh water ahead of eating, before you ask him about it. We have analyzed all possible reviews instead of you and can claim that there was not a single guest in the "Tomatina" restaurant who was dissatisfied with the service of the waiter or hostess.

The menu at "Tomatina" is also diverse and includes all the traditional dishes of Italian cuisine; however, most often, people order Fettuccine Alfredo, which is considered the hallmark of this restaurant. After you try it, we recommend paying attention to the Lasagna, salmon, and Spaghetti with sauce, which is prepared by real Italian chefs.

In addition to everything, you can use the online ordering function. You can download the restaurant's app, choose the time of arrival and a table, and make an order so that all the meals will be ready by the time of your appearance but haven't cooled down yet.

Many visitors note that they are very sorry that there is no such restaurant as "Tomatina" in their area, so if you happen to be in Roseville, then be sure to visit this place.

7. Il Fornaio

Top Italian Restaurants In Roseville, Ca

It is very difficult to find a special restaurant for a special celebration; however, "Il Fornaio" is just such a place. Here you can enjoy any Italian dish, whether it's pasta, pizza, fish, or Lasagna. At the same time, the choice of side dishes, snacks, and salads is even wider and more diverse, so there is a position on the menu for each guest from a large company.

It is very easy to book a table in the restaurant, and you can do it even 20 minutes before arrival. Local waiters and chefs will always support your initiative to congratulate the main person involved in the holiday and will provide maximum assistance. The restaurant is always cool and fresh, even in the hottest weather.

" Il Fornaio" is a cozy restaurant with friendly staff and very tasty food, where you can spend an evening both with close people and in a large company.

Overall, if you have always wanted to try a specific Italian dish or Italian cuisine in general, then Roseville is the city where this dream will come true. The best Italian restaurants are gathered in Roseville, which are always ready to please you with delicious meals and give you an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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